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Are you friends with your parents?

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  • я дружна со своими родителями.но как и у всех подростков у меня бывают разногласия с ними.вечная проблема отцов и детей..

  • Да, очень. Дома, на Украине, бывало много всякого, а теперь иммиграция сплотила, плюс я стал постарше, помудрел, возмужал. Теперь говорим на равных.
  • I would have to say all my life....I have looked up to and wanted to be just like my Mom. She was always the person I chose over my friends if I was ever in a postition that I had to chose between going to the mall with my Mom or going to the movies with my friends I always chose my mom. She was the best friend I ever had in my life and the best I will ever have. And now that she is gone there is a huge hole in my heart and my life where she used to be....I feel lost without her. My Dad was someone that when I was a kid I never got to see nearly as much as I wanted to because he worked so hard. He worked so hard because he was from the generation where the measure of a man was in how well he took care of his family and that was something my Dad always prided himself on ...taking good care of his family. The only problem was that in doing so we lost out on just being with our dad.....and it was his loss as well as ours and he knew it. I don't think I had the friend thing with my Dad until shortlyu before he passed away and I have to say it was worth the wait.....it was such a wonderful special thing to know that my Dad finaly saw me as an equal after being told my whole life I was wet behind the ears all the time. To know that he trusted me and valued my opinions thoughts ideas and feelings was the best final gift that my sweet dad gave me and I will be forever grateful for it. Today when I hear people complain about their parents I think to myself they should be happy they have parents to complain about. There is no lonlier a feeling than realizing that the term orphan now applies to you. No more empty and sad a realization that you are alone in the world in a way that only losing your parents can make you. People shoud appreciate the people in their life that they love and who love them...because once those people are gone they are gone forever and so I pray they don't wassste a minute to tell them how much they love them now because in the end it is all that matters.
  • My dad died when I was young, so definitely a no there. My mom...friend? No. Acquaintance maybe, but I would never choose to hang out with her were she not my mother.
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  • no
  • Both of my parents are long dead. So, no, is the short answer.
  • Как без этого?
  • Конечно же да...нельзя не любить их)))
  • да, они самые близкие для меня люди, хотя им я могу рассказать то, что не рассказываю даже друзьям, и наоборот, не расскажу того, что могу поведать подругам. но однозначно - взаимопонимание есть.
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