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Writer's Block



Sum up your day in the form of a haiku.

Answers (205)

  • Product almost re-
    leased. Waiting on Boomers to
    test it out. No hope.

    Bored in windowless
    dismally lit room. This place
    is getting really old.

    Reconnection with
    William over Chinese food;
    Missing Movie Night

    Neighbour moved out to-
    day; Da5id moved out last week; the
    end of an era.

    Politics a com-
    plete nightmare for the poor and
    weak. No end in sight.

    Wet, cold, grey, discon-
    nected. I need a change of
    scenery soon. What's next?

  • hello i know this is a realllllllyyyyyy old writers block but i am bored and procrastinating from doing german so i decided i would write a haiku or two or three or etc. :)

    birthday tomorrow
    but i have to go to school
    oh well not too bad :)

    german is lovely
    i love it but its quite hard
    got to do a speech :S

    tillie is so cute
    i love her extremely much
    sleeps under duvet

    purr purr purr purr purr
    purr purr purr purr purr purr purr
    purr purr purr purr purr

    cant think more haiku
    its quite hard but there you go
    bye! see you later :)
  • I love my Oldies. My day off, No hurrying. Cold pizza for lunch.

  • Almost forgot two

    dentist appointments today

    for two sweet tooth kids


  • Sometimes the rain falls, Listening from the inside, I want to be there.
  • Got up latish; Pig:Wit invhited me tu wach a flick; Defective doodacky.
  • Vivid portrayals Constantly - in wake and sleep Always somewhere else Work is dragging on I am not sure what I want It's not to be here The words I sing soft I wonder if they can hear Caring is futile
  • Today's a Friday. Just thanking God for this day. Know you'll be counting. I am just posting While watching Spongebob Squarepants- Mrs. Puff's in jail. Patrick's overweight. That is what Mrs. Puff said. I think he's fat too. Answered a question Although it only said one But I'm doing five. Finished computer. Now on my way to the big- Refrigerator.
  • Really Stressful Day
    Public Transportation Sucks
    Need To Go To Bed

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