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All it takes is a blackout to realize how much we rely on electricity. What's your most memorable story from a power outage?

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  • Me and my family were on a vacation and we were right outside of a national park out west (I can't remember which one). Anyways we were actually in the restaraunt having a big fight (we get stressed and fight on vacation a lot) when the electricity went out. Me and my mom went to the gift shop and bought some candels and some cards, we all made up and spent the evening playing cards by candel light. That vacation/no electricity memory will stay close to my heart forever.
  • I usually sleep during, or through these events, so... :P
  • Christ, My most memorable power outtage was probably summer of 2006. I was over my best friend at the time's house. And the power went out. Her mom was drunk, like always. We had a flash light with like a built in radio on it. And we just sat in her kitchen and played cards with the flash light and listened to the radio. Then around 12am her mom decided it'd be cool to walk to her boyfriends house, which was halfway across town, so we took the light with us and headed to his house. He lived in a big scary house and it was our first time there, sitting in the kitchen eating chips with just a flash light. hahaha.
  • Я выросла в славном маленьком городке, где постоянно на всем экономилли. Отключали и горячую воду и отопление, и свет естественно тоже. На неделю в определенные часы один раон, потом другой. Очень удобно было отговариться в школе за невыполненное домашнее задание, чем все с радостью пользовались. Но мне запомнилось отключение света не в родном городе, а здесь уже. В моем любимом коллективе студии современного танца. Мы готовились к каким то ответственным выступлениям, но как раз начался период дождей, и проводка все время искрила, от чего занятия запретило руководство школы, где мы арендовали специальное помещение. Поэтому мы ставили несколько свечей, а чтобы охранник не услышал нас, все было полушепотом без музыки. Так мы и танцевали. Один раз, когда снова погас свет, пока парни искали свечи и узнавали в чем дело, девченки начали рассказывать страшные истории про зеркала. Это все происходило в кромешной тьме, что не было видно даже силуэтов. Просто мрак. Посмеялись то посмеялись. Но когда принесли свечи, и поставили у зеркальной стены, перед которой мы занимались, стало жутко и не до танцев. Есть в этом что-то недоброе и мистическое.
  • Well, it was my best friend's birthday. Me and someone else were sleeping over her house. We stayed up until 6, we drove out to look for pizza at like midnight, the one friend stole my phone and texted my crush at the time, my crush became my boyfriend, and we just had a blast in the dark =) hahaha it was great
  • Tom and I had been dating for 3 or 4 months by the time our first New Year's Eve came around, and we decided to do it up right - we bought a bundle deal through a local club where we got a hotel room for a night, a free shuttle to a popular club that had several themed rooms, a reserved table in the club for the night and free champagne, all for one combined price. So, we went to the hotel, rode the shuttle, proceeded to get s**tfaced on champagne, danced like crazy fools, then rode back on the shuttle. Here's a pic of us on the way back to the hotel: Photobucket We have a few pics of us in the club, too. I look like a drunken prom queen with a "New Year's Eve" tiara on, eyes half-lidded. :) Anyway... We got back to the hotel, both of us laughing and giggling and hardly able to walk, and we find out power is out in the hotel. So, no elevator. Our room was on the 6th or 7th floor. So, imagine both of us barely able to stand, trying to manage stairs. Me, in a slinky dress and Tom in dress clothes. And, we start chasing each other up the stairs. We were all over the place, and I know I took off my shoes at some point. Now the part that was memorable for both of us: I remember quite clearly (at least once, but probably more than that) stopping at the top of a set of steps and lifting my dress above my head and flashing Tom full-on, with not a care in the world who might join us in the stairwell. :) Um, did I mention the dress was quite slinky, so I didn't want a panty line? ;) That trip up the stairs was so much fun. We flirted and ran and giggled like lunatics all the way to our room. FYI, we did make it all the way to the room, and then proceeded to have a wonderful rest of our New Year's. So, so fun! :)
  • i remeber when i was like 9 or around that age there was a huge poweroutage for like a weeks or sunthin i remeber eatin icecream and staring at the stars and playing outside with one of m best friends who lived in the same buliding as me when i lived in an apartment im 15 now  ;)
  • I've got two. First one idk how old I was, but mom and I had to use the stove and the lanterns she's got to keep warm and have light, it was actually a great night. Next was, I was at work and the power went out for two hours!!! I couldn't check anyone in, or let them in their rooms. It sucked.
  • ohhhh, it was about 5 years ago,well me and friends were hanging out watching movies and just chillin' when all of a sudden the power goes out and it starts rainging, all my friends and i got scared and then we started laughing at our stupidity, because it was only rain. well then we searched for flashlights and went to my basement and tried to turn the power back on, but it didn't happen, so we all went and scavenger hunted for every candle we could find. we found about 6 and lit them all up on threee dressers and played Truth or Dare, until the power came back on and we passed out.  

  • One time, my sister and I were babysitting our little cousins when the power went out.  We stumbled around the house for a few minutes looking for a candle and matches.  We finally found a candle, the ones in the glass jar with the lid, and a few matches.  My sister lit the candle.  I thought it would be a good idea to put a lid on the candle, so the kids wouldn't burn themselves.  They most certainly weren't after the fire died out from a lack of oxygen.  Woops. 
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