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Environmental Confession

'Fess up: What do you do that's bad for the environment?

Answers (258)

  • I throw away my empty pop cans and bottle, once in awhile, and the recycling bin is right beside the garbage.  Most of the time I don't feel guilty about it too.
  • ...b r e a t h e...
  • I have taken too long of showers, used way too much hairspray, and spit gum on the ground? At least some people tell me that is bad for the environment. Hairspray I know absolutely is bad for the ozone layer. As for the long showers water vapor is the most dominant greenhouse gas.
  • let the dust settle all over the house too much tv is sucking the electricity (my poor mother - I live with her)
  • I fart a LOT!
  • take up space???
  • A lot of stuff............. I'm a bad person and should be death sentanced... I hug trees, Is that bad?
  • Well, I like to cook baby fur seals and pandas over a pit using sequoia wood. I then place the cuts of meat on a plastic plate which I throw away as soon as I'm done with it, and open a six-pack of pop without cutting up the plastic rings. Oh, and for desert I eat apples fresh from the tree, and plant the seeds somewhere they've never been before so they can become a pest that pushes out the endangered species in the area. For entertainment, I either light an oil well on fire or sink an oil freighter. But on the flip side, I'm developing a virus that will make the zombie apocalypse from the Resident Evil movies come true.
  • I take super long showers. (But it's not my fault! I have really long hair! T_T)
    Not to mention all of the paper and electricity I waste in my various school/gaming exploits.
    >: /
  • I litter at times when im with my friends.

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