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When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

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  • playing pet society and reading manga...hahahaha
    or praying..
  • hmmm..i think it was last saturday..i was..like..trying the link a friend gave me..at the same time i was downloading something and playing KHBBS.
  • В -40 воевал с управляющей компанией, чтобы тепло в доме включили.
  • Yesterday. I stayed up and drew pictures until 3 AM. A better question is when did I go to bed early.
  • Встречал рассвет.
  • играли в пинг-понг, ели фрукты, пили кофе, смотрели на небо, разговаривали обо всём) *ещё июньское) Мечта сбудется через 4.5 дня.
  • имитировала, что вокруг все не так плохо, как есть на самом деле. И даже поверила в это сама ))  А потом смотрела на небо, которое поделилось не две части - которая уже проснулась, и которая досматривала свои сладкие сны. А  из-за гор все выше и выше поднималось солнце, унося последнюю ночь на морском побережье
  • I stayed 'up' all night when i was doing your mum.

    SRS BZN response:

    I played WoW for 36 hours without sleeping a couple of weeks ago. Nearly non-stop apart from walking to 7-11 to get some shit at about the 17hr mark.


    When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

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                    It was SUMMER `O9 when I stayed up all night because of watching Boys Before Flowers or Why Why Love (I couldn't remember). Anyway, I slept at four o' clock just because of the addicting series. :D that's all i can share . THANKS. :D

                    I was viewing the episodes until dawn. It seemed like a lifetime of sleeping to me. :D not to mention, I woke up 11 AM in the morning. see, seven hours of sleep. i woke up tireless. That's just a miracle. Next days, I am sleeping 3 AM or 1 AM. what an awful deliberation.

    Hopefully, I will answer more trivia questions in the next days. HAPPY POSTING.

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