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What do you miss most about being a kid?

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  • (Summary): Madeleine was only six years old when her father died.  She used to want to be a writer, but her mother's criticism's got in the way, always telling her she couldn't make a living writing stories, and that she should be a journalist instead.  Madeleine was a good child; she pursued journalism in college, and even wrote for the college paper, but she never felt the passion she had always known in her innocent younger years.


    She slammed the door, dropping her notebook and letting her patterned messenger bag slip slowly off her shoulder and onto the floor.  Why did it always take her this way?  It wasn't the dean's fault he was such a collosal ass.

    She ran her fingers down the braided throw her mother had said would look "so darling" on the back of the hand-me-down tartan sofa.  The physical sensation calmed her mind, but did nothing to silence her quicky-beating heart.  Why?

    Why did Dean Petraus insist on...meh, bored now.  Lost that story line...

    Or--She growled as she slammed the door.  More feeling, I guess...


    Taylor and Ashley and Readers of my one and only published e-book keep telling me that Madeleine needs a continuation.  What can I say?  Other writers understand-- wrote an entry about characters, and how they sort of stand on their own.  This is the best way I know to describe it; I'm sure Madeleine has a (longer) short story or a novel(la) or something rattling around somewhere, but she just isn't ready to tell it to me yet.  Someday, maybe.  Ariana, too.

    Also--The above passage bears a large resemblence to one of the (several versions of the) opening chapters of Adrian and Makani's story.  Thirteen years and counting, and I still need to figure her character out.

  • Most definitely the freedom. When you're a kid, you never worry about anything. Whether it was the bills for water and electricity, the rent, the 3 square meals a day, you wouldn't let those things concern you. That was what the adults were for. Another thing was innocence. You never would have imagined the difference of having an adult mind when you were just kids. The judgemental eyes of society, the conflicting desires of everyone around you, the struggle for survival, nothing, You would always be oblivious to all these.
  • не дают успокоиться незакрытые проблемы, застрявшие в детстве
  • being a prankster, i would drive my parents nuts by turning on the blender without the top and the whole kitchen would be a mess. hahahaha old times

  • Мамы мне не хватает!
  • being able to lay around  and watch my fav shows
  • NOTHING.  I am having more fun in my second childhood.  Cause now I say what I want to and their are no parents to make me behave.
  • Two years ago, I would've said "Not having any responsibilities", but I'm not sure if I really miss anything. Thinking back, nothing was actually better back then, than it is now. Or maybe I'm just getting better at taking responsibilities seriously? xD

    Is it a sin for me to live because I am evil?
    - Vinushka (c) Dir en grey

    Well, just got me thinking... and I ended up at the dinnertable at EIS almost two years ago (ah, even before the old dinning rooms were being rebulid...), and we had a conversation about pedophiles. At that time, I totally didn't get to say what I wanted to say in the way I wanted... Well, I just can't help but feel... frustrated, when some people talk about pedophiles being "sick" or whatever. Especially when someone is at the same time all okey-dokey with homosexuals. So the pedophiles choose to be social outcasts but homosexuals are just born with it?
    Noone can help having a so-called deviant sexuality, the difference lies in whatever or not one acts upon an urge that might hurt other people (in this case, children). And I can see why this isn't easy. Imagine living a whole life without being able to react to one's sexual instincts. Most people probably wouldn't choose that faith if they had ever had i choice.
    I feel sorry for them. Mind you, I'm not telling anyone to go ahead and abuse someone who is far from prepared, I just can't stand when someone blames a pedophile for being a pedophile. (Hah, I'll just blame them for being heterosexual, soooo oldfashioned or whatever...)
    Oh well, that's just my thought on it... It just pisses me off when people just come with some lame comment on pedophiles, or necrophiles or whatsofuckingever, for that matter... I read a book centering around deviant sexualities, and while being very interesting (Oh, and just for the record, there are kids out there who is far more sexually developed than their parents would like to know about, without being "sick" as well, so there.), I kinda missed some perspective on the even more "unnatural" sexualities than just fetish, etc etc. So much for being an openminded book.
    Who defines what is normal or deviant anyway? Never liked those terms, but I must admit they come in handy ^^'

    And now, it is definitely time for me to go to sleep :D

  • I miss the Innocence....I miss not knowing about all of the Horrible things that happen in this World.... Life was so easier to live as a Child....
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