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Empty parking garages, roadside motels, dark caves, dank basements, overgrown forests—what kind of setting makes you feel nervous?

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  • Most what make me feel nervous is dark caves and basements. I think this come from some scary movies from childhood )
  • 1) I hate going to Hollywood when it's dark. Seriously, it's ridiculously terrifiying. When the sun goes down, all the nocturnal druggies and gangster-gangsters emerge from their caves. And it's even worse when you don't have a car and have to walk along the scary Hollywood people. 2) Am I the only one who thinks that parking garages are scary? Especially at night? It's like any sound anything (or anyone) makes just echoes off the walls and it seems that noises sound 10x as worse in a parking garage. 3) One scenario that scares me is when I'm hanging outside somewhere in public and there's a group of guys just staring at me. You never know what'll happen with scary men. They could be kidnappers, could be rapists, or they could just be pervs. Those are the Top 3 worst settings for me. -RokerChic5
  • Basements and/or underground settings of all types. I do not like the knowledge that I am beneath the soil. It makes me feel as though I am buried and I do not like that. Whenever I think that there are probably worms and other things crawling above my head in the earth between the roof of whichever setting I am in and the street or landscape above, it sends icy chills of horified terror down my spine.
  • there are many things that make me nervous. uneasy. things that make me sweat cold sweat, cry, heart thump faster. i could make a never-ending list right now.

    when i was younger, i used to be very afraid of the dark. i hated my kitchen in the night because there is this huge window near the washroom, and i had this fear that a burglar or a thief would pounce on me. also, my grandparents' house has a basement, which is especially dark at night and i'll feel really nervous and uneasy just staring down at it. so i'll usually get someone else to go down with me.

    then there was this fear of shower curtains, i was afraid that there would be someone hiding behind it. so i made it a point to always pull the shower curtains. (of course i know better now).

    some time ago, when i went to tokyo, i felt especially uneasy and everything. somehow the air there seemed heavy and i just didn't like it at all. maybe because it was so crowded. i don't like crowds. don't they like to push and squeeze without apologising? not to mention stepping on your feet and stuff. yeah, crowds make me angry. but tokyo made me uneasy.

    sometimes, i feel a bit claustrophobic. i feel squeezed in small lifts, although i don't get anxiety attacks or feel a shortage of breath but i have this thinking that smaller lifts are more prone to getting spoiled and trap me inside. how funny! (now that i think about it)

    oh. and i get nervous at serious events. when everything is silent. and all eyes are on you. and you can feel the pressure just by breathing in the air. it's serious air. (HAHAHA) that always doesn't fail to make me nervous. and i'll usually end up crying unknowingly and unconsciously. (but i know i'm not the only one, HAHAHA)

    okay, so there's my long list of things that make me nervous. and thsoe thigns make me scared too. but that's the way it is. we're all scared of something. but it's okay. it's me. ^^

  • Public restrooms. Not just any public restrooms, mind, but particularly those found at interstate rest stops and state parks. Especially when you go into one and it's all stainless steel and there's no one else in there *shudders* The whole setting just reminds me of something out of a horror/snuff film. Not that I watch snuff films, but that's really the mindset it puts me in. The one at the springs I mentioned last week used to scare me, and still does to some extent, but they've rebuilt it and it's not as bad as it used to be. But still, I don't go in alone if I can help it. I'm always scared there'll be some freak with a knife waiting just behind the door O_O

  • Ugh...I would never...ever...under any circumstances, want to be trapped in a room with the guy I like (I avoid people I like). Other than that, dark and wet places in the middle of the night or rainy days. It reminds me too much of creepy, japanese horror movies. Being in a damp graveyard is no picnic either! Full of leeches...I like visiting the graveyard but not alone, dark or damp with leeches...
  • Anywhere there are two or more people I don't know.
  • Having to stand in front of 5-200 people and give a speech.

    That gives me heart palpitations and makes me break out into a sweat.
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