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Describe your idea of a perfect summer vacation.

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  • Even though this answer might be quite late, Here's my idea anyhow.

    The perfect summer vacation, in my opinion, is not all about traveling at all. It's all about being with the one(s) you love the most and having a great time! That's all I can really come up with.

  • Spent in the company of my Melody.
  • I don't like summer or sunshine or beaches or any of the traditional holiday stuff so I would preferably like to rent a small apartment in Paris for a month, 12ieme arrondissement, overlooking place d'aligré. I'd just love to potter around the streets of Paris, drinking coffee at the pavement cafés, reading great books, lunch of bread and cheese, museums, galleries, theatre, ballet, chansons. Heaven. I adore Paris, particularly that area. It's not touristy and therefore not ridiculously expensive, isn't thronged with camera-wielding sloths, has a fabulous market.  I'd love to live there permanently, and ride the streets on my bike with my cat strapped into a special child seat, in a beautiful dress, taking in all the beauty around me.
    Please National Lottery, please...?
  • A certain guy (who shall remain nameless) & me somewhere in the world perhaps Ireland or another part the states or in SA. Long as he was with me I wouldn't care where the vacation was at.
  • Long hours of sleep, hanging out with my friends and family without worrying about the money, read, write stories and just slacking off. :D

  • My idea of a eprfect summer vacation would have to be an exotic place like Greece , France or the Caribbean definately someplace with beautiful beaches to lunge on and a great ambience to take in and a nice peaceful mabience, balmy breezes and few crowds so i can curl up with a book if I want and also scenic vistas that i can share with others. And also a lot of local flavour and culture loads of fela markets and farmers markets and stuff on the street and festivals one can participate in and opportunity to hearp oetry somewhere woyld be a great added bonus. But there should be loads to see and do I am not one to just sit and stare at the view all day long I want to mingle and share ideas and soka in culture .
  • my idea of a perfect summer vacation is listening to music,reading books lying on the beach ,meeting friends and having fun with your beloved ones
  • Stress free environment (given current situation - will explain other entry). For me an ideal summer vacation would have a decent backpack and go hiking around Europe, I say by foot mostly since using car is a pain in cities (parking anyone?). Start with some of the older and grand cities: Rome, Paris, London, etcetera. Have plenty of data drives for a digital camera (as well a camera) and a laptop for it all (extra storage?). The only main concern sadly is money, since without it the trip would be hard. Though if it was free would be win. The backpack would just need a couple sets of clothes and mostly necessities. If buy any souvenirs, after a while ship them over to a friends place near home so that only after the trip is over could one check them and give them well. I had this type of plans for years but of course one needs funds, time and at least maybe one person to do this trip (not saying wouldn't do it alone but it's somewhat more fun with company?). Chances I'd only be able to do this via country per country and bit by bit given money and time I'd have. I know I'd have to visit Italy, Ireland and Greece several times to see just part of it.
  • Travelling around europe. Well, not neccesarily europe, it could be anywhere aslong as it's not too hot and the places are rich with arty culture stuff, good food and a (hopefully) faint language barrier. Italy especially! And perhaps Prague, which isn't in Italy (it isn't, is it? My geographical skills are appalling), but I've always wanted to go to the Mucha museum. I'd take a couple of friends and have a limitless amount of moneys and drinks and no hangover or ill effects whatsoever (One can dream). And when I'm back home, parties and stuff, particularly on the beach. And lie-ins. LOTS OF LIE INS. -------------------------------------------- I was lurking and decided to have a quick update. Life is, well, pretty good actually. That's all I have to say really.
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