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You're a Winner!

Have you ever won a contest, drawing, or lottery? What was the prize?

Answers (218)

  • Won the grand prize from a teen magazine when Rocky 5 was coming out. a t-shirt from the movie...

    the gold medal from the reading olympics.. forget how many books I read. but that was grade 1-3 i forget when it was done.

    also 2 editor choice awards for my published poems. by International Library of Poetry..
    Carvings in Stone has  my poem 'Storm' in it on page 89 & Forever Spoken has my poem 'Through the Eyes of the Gods' on page 1!!!
  • n
  • I actually won two contests in the fifth grade that were for one event. We were supposed to write an essay for D.A.R.E. about not doing drugs, drinking, that sort of thing. Then the other one was to make a large poster about pretty much the same thing. Kids in the class were supposed to vote on their favorite essay and poster. These were actually two different classes, and I ended up getting voted for both. I had to read my essay in front of the entire school and it was HORRIFYING. But... I won out of all the other classes XD; So our class ended up getting a pizza party, but I think this over-achiever in my class really hated me after that :/ Not like I was expecting it >>;
  • Does bingo count?
  • гм. Второе место в городской олимпиаде по физике. Победы... может в кабаках на пьянках... Победа - это скорее добиться чегото чего хочешь - женщину, работу, отсутствие работы, праздник организовать. Такие были. А в конкурсах - не припоминаю. Может командные... А так, в бильярд, боулинг обычно проигрываю - расслабляюсь когда почти победил. Либо просто слабее. При первой возможности позволю себе выиграть:)
  • I once won an envelope that contained two tickets for the next raffle!

    (Suffice it to say, neither of those won anything).
  • 12000 в "русское лотто" в 2000 году

  • Contest.
    It was beautiful.
    And really I can only say one thing that will show you.

    I won THAT.
    I met them.


    But I really want to meet them again this summer...that would be AMAZING.
    But I doubt it will happen.

    LOL @ me for listening to Three Days Grace while writing about the Jonas Brothers.
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