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It Sounds Better When You Say It

No matter what language you speak, you've probably come across words or phrases in another language that sound better than their equivalents in your native tongue. What's your favorite word or phrase in a foreign language?

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  • It depends mostly on the mood, yet I find HUNKY-DORY very inspiring almost in any case

    hunky-dory :)

  • perhaps it's because I'm in love with Korean, so I prefer:

    Ne = yes

    I always apply that word in my daily conversations with my friends..

  • Latin: invesperascere - to begin to approach evening. English doesn't even have a verb for that, and the only one with a similar meaning Czech is to go towards dusk. And that doesn't sound half as neat as invesperascit.

  • Ooh, boy... do *not* ask the Tolkien language geek this question! ;D

    I'd have to say, almost any word in Quenya or Sindarin. Top favorites include mar "home", luin "blue", aeglir "mountains" (literally "spear-points"), Sulimo "Lord of Winds", tintilar "twinkle" (verb), oiale "forever", Tarmenel "high heaven", Remmirath "Netted Stars" (the Pleiades), ithil "moon", and falmalinnar "foaming waves". And I'm only stopping because I decided it would be ridiculous to do more than ten.

    Dwarvish is good, too. Kheled "mirror", for instance. "Dark is the water of Kheled-zaram, and cold are the springs of Kibil-nala, and fair were the many-pillared halls of Khazad-dum in Elder Days before the fall of mighty kings beneath the stone!" And Old English... why is sceadufax so much cooler than "Shadow-mane"?

    Okay, one more in Elvish. My absolute favorite: untupa, "covers", literally "down-roofs". What an image!
  • Fong Chong- means friend in chinese
    & mucho gusto- idk what that means but i luff sayinq it x ]
  • X) my favorite phrase is "mainichi, mainichi" which means "Day after day." In the non-repetitive version I believe it simply means "everyday." I originally heard the phrase in the subbed version of Death Note's first episode. It is pronounced "Mine-ichi." I also like "Naka ga ii" which means "to be on good terms." "Naka" simply means "relationship." Another word I love is "Gaki" which means "Brat." lol All of these words are Japanese words.
  • Saranghae - "I love you" in Korean. 
  • My favorite phrase I got from the Hallmark Channel movie Just Desserts it's Italian: L'amore allineare ha sapore allineare. It means: True love has true flavor. Either language and it's still an adorable phrase.
  • Русский - Я тебя люблю Арабский - Ухибб, Ана ахебек, Ана ахебеки Адыгейский - Сэ оры плэгун Английский - Ай лав ю Армянский - Эс кэс сирумэм Башкирский - Мин хинэ яратау Белорусский - Я тябэ кахаю Болгарский - Аз ти обичам Венгерский - Серетлек Вьетнамский - Эм йеу ань,ань йеу эм Голландский - Ик хуид ван ю Греческий - Эго агапо су Грузинский - Ме шен миквархар Датский - Йег элскер дит Иврит - Ани охевет отха Идиш - б дих лыб Ирландский - Тэ грэ агам орт Испанский - Йо тэ амо Итальянский - Ио тэ амо Казахский - Мэн сэни жаратам Киргизский - Мен сэни суйу Китайский - Во ай ни Латвийский - Эс тэви милу Латинский - Эго ту амарэ Литовский - Аш тавес милю Молдавский - Т"юбеск Монгольский -Би танд хайртай Немецкий - Ихь либе дихь Норвежский - Ег дэг элски Персидский - Ман то эйсч Польский - Я цен кохам Португальский - А мо тэ Румынский - Т"юбеск Таджикский - Ман тул нохс метинам Татарский - Мин сини яратам Турецкий - Бен сана сэвийорум Узбекский - Мен сени севаман Украинский - Я тэбе кохаю Финский - Ракастан синуа Французский - Жэ тэм Хинди - Мэи тумсей пяр карта хум Чешский - Мам те рад Чувашский - эп сана йорадап Шведский - Яд эльскар дэй Эсперанто - Ми Амас Вин Эстонский - Ма армастан синд Якутский - Мин эн манмаа Японский - Аната ва дай ску дес

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