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Describe your dream house (even if it's not a house).

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  • My dream house would be to once more go to the family cottage, play cards around the kitchen table with Dad, make popcorn in the fireplace ,and lay our double sleeping bag in front of the fireplace. Take a quiet canoe ride under the moon. In the morning, wake up to the sound of gentle waves and the reflection of the sun on the water bouncing around on the ceiling, and the smell of blueberry pancakes being made.
  • НАШ ДОМ с любимым/любящим меня мужчиной - светлый, просторный, уютный, теплый! Дружелюбный. В нем всегда приятно, удобно можно заниматься хорошими делами, отдыхать, развиваться, РАДОВАТЬСЯ!
    Не съемное жилье, а постоянное прочное! Так чтобы чувствовалась всегда  радость, счастье родного очага!
    Вокруг сада красивый светлый солнечный сад: с цветами и фруктами во все сезоны! В холодное время - зимний сад внутри дома!
    Но главное - родной муж и родные дорогие милые люди, живущие в нашем доме и приходящие в гости!

    Может быть, такой! только еще обязательно должен быть сад с цветами! Еще в городе, со всеми удобствами.

    Но можно и квартиру светлую, уютную и просторную в крупном красивом городе, желательно с более теплым климатом, чем сейчас. Но обязательно НАШУ с взаимно любящим меня мужем.
     И все-таки главное - это не дом, квартира, место жительства... Бог с этим - даруется все равно что-то достойное!
    Главное - мы с любящим меня&любимым мужем вместе в радости и счастье! Потому как: ВМЕСТЕ!!!

    Describe your dream house (even if it's not a house).

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  • It's an old, ramshackle colonial style house with boarded up windows, and when you approach the front walk, you see these little girls in white dresses jumping rope and singing a creepy song. And then this otherworldly force pulls me inside, and there's a tricycle that rolls through the kitchen, leaving a trail of blood behind, and there's a whole pig on a plate on the table, and when you come up to it, the pig's eyes open and it starts squealing. And you try to run up the stairs and your feet get stuck in something like quicksand.
  • I guess The Dudesons Ranch. Or like a rediciously massive mansion with wooden floors dark purple curtians gothic type thig with my own fmx compound, um an underground kitchen and a massive water park and my own mall and a snowboard run mountian thing, and ohh cant forget the zen garden. thats about it. :] ooh and wrestlng ring
  • Gaint! modern, white pillars,Huge windows and velvet Drapes! like that shit you see in the home and garden magazines, Statues of gargoils, Or the dudesons ranch, with a couch outside, car parts everywhere farm animals lots of sausages, dynimite and blow up sex dolls. =]
  • Ohhh geeze, very detailed i guess you could say. I pay much attention to color and little things.
    i want like a condo more than a big house b/c  currently i am living in a 4 story house that is a pain to clean.
    This condo would have lots or green and blue shades....maybe some neutrals too. (: something warm.
    and lots of paintings and mirrors. Artistic vases and sculptures.... you know?
    i also really want a game room.... ( is that too manly? )
    like i want a huge flat screen tv with a bar table and mini fridge and a place to put all the alcohol.
    then i want it to have no actual dry wall but just.... the walls to be bricks. It gives it like a studio classy look with leather chairs and such :) cool carpets and a pool table or air hockey!!! hahah

  • Well, I'm up and bored, and wanting to rant, so decided to go with a safer topic. =) When I was 8 years old, we were told to draw our dream house. I drew like a two story house with an attic that had kids waving out of the windows. I remember it really vividly to the point of being able to pick out the sort of construction paper it was drawn on (now the good kind, the short-of-flimsy sort, but not the BAD flimsy either, and that off-white color), but in remembering it, I remember it in the classroom I drew it in, holding it up to look at it. For this reason, I'm not sure I actually still have the paper or not. I'm pretty sure this was an adoption situation (only at the time it would have been "I want to have orphans!") and not a "I wanna have a mansionful of children myself" thing. In my upper elementary years, I was staunchly against ANYONE having children because orphans do indeed exist. In a way, I still am, I guess. The attic was dedicated as a game room. I don't believe I actually drew the inside of it, but I had it in my mind that it had a pinball machine, a tennis table, and other such games. I'm pretty sure the upper floor was mostly dedicated to children's room, with a common area while. The first floor was common areas, the kitchen, dining room, and other such necessities. Now, this house was HUGE. There were at least like 6 windows, possibly 10, on each style. It was rectangle-block style, nothing terribly fancy about it. Vivid, vivid, vivid remembrance of this dream house done some 16 years ago. Now? I don't know particularly. I want enough to satisfy what I need, some of what I want, but never everything I could dream for. Everything to be content, everything to remember to be content and grateful. Updated version? I still want that 16 year old dream in a lot of ways. Right now, if I would go into it alone, I would like to foster an all-female sibling group of like 3+ children. I'd perhaps take a young boy, but children and especially boys really need male figures, and older boys don't listen as well to female figures. =( If looking at very young, high needs, or a large sibling group, it'd be with the money to have hired help (one or two people, perhaps) for cooking especially, but also some chore work. Also enough money to be home when ever the children are, if not a good daycare with the money to handle that as well. Misc: My own washer/dryer laundry set, or at least washer (oh, to have that again!). Kitchen: A full kitchen set--enough to have some cool extras like snow cone machines and good blenders, but not so much to be overly fancy. Dining: A big enough table for all of us, must-must-must! Entertainment: A good range of "our books," though I'd certainly utilize the library! A TV without cable, but with a DVD/VCR player for choice movies. One shared computer, password protected, that would be mostly research/exploration of valid interests. Enough toys to amuse but not overstimulate/crowd out. Lots of arts-materials and science-experiment materials! Bedrooms: Minimum of 2 children per room. I think learning to share is so important. This would, of course, mean that I'd also have established "quiet areas" when they need time to themselves. Good-sized closets, organizational boxes/shelves, items that are interest-based enough to the children, but not really big fad-type things. Personal space: ... I want a room made up of shelves for walls... Perhaps like half-shelves with ladders so I can paste things on the walls. The one exception area would be a bed under a window. Maybe then I could get all my stuff organized. =) Decor: Scripture in the house, photos, kid-work. Enough to be interesting, not so much to be over-stimulating. Calm colors. As much as I like warmer colors, they are not very inviting in a room to me. I've very much decided I want goodly sized, fenced-in yard as well with trees, but not scary ones. Pecan trees would be lovely things to have, perhaps other useful food-bearing trees. A garage would be optional, but without it I would at least like some pavement for a vehicle. ... You know, with the exception of being much more open to fostering boys, I don't think that dream would change much with a husband, except maybe to include adoption. Would naturally depend on his interests in job though. I STILL harbor the wish to find out I'm completely infertile for one reason or another so I can do this. "Building a house" in the people sense is something I really would rather not do through my own body. Spiritually? Spiritually, I suppose that goal is obvious. That is both the most and least achievable of all this, it would seem!
  • My dream house would be a modern castle with six or seven floors, hidden passageways, a dungeon, and extensive grounds with a very nice garden (and gardener), and maybe a forest. Oh, and a moat filled with pirhanas.
  • I Not Gonna Give a Text Blue print of it But Its a House I built in the Sims2 YES I said Sims2 So What!...lol But it's Awesome...lol
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