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Writer's Block



How many languages do you speak?

Answers (220)

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  • mm..i guess i only can speak 2.. my language, Indonesian n English^^
    but.. i actually can speak a little of my mom native language (Javanese) n understand my father native languages (Sundanese) if that counts *giggles* 
  • Русский и английский со словарём.

  • russian - native speaker
    italian - excelent
    english - good
    ukranian - good enough to express myself, understand near 90%
    bielorussian - used to study it at school, understand as well but don't speak correctly

  • I can speak english ,german, french, a little bit japanese and i can translate latein. I'm bored and you?
  • Sadly, only English fluently. However I consider myself to be at an Intermediate Level in German. I have also dabbed into and can understand a little bit of Latin, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Irish (Gaelic), and a tiny bit of Czech. I really want to be a linguist one day, hopefully. Or maybe just be able to speak many languages so that I can travel and be able to speak to the people of the world. :)
  • 1 and a half lol...English or "American" really and Japanese somewhat...
  • LOL
    This is an interesting question for me.
    Because it changes depending on the day....but these are the possibly answers.


    English is my native language therefore I speak it.

    Engrish happens when I forget English or switch my l's and r's or my g's and k's or b's and v's.  And it happens when I speak too fast and get all excited.  Which is honestly most of the time, making this the most common language.

    I am a Japanese major at school.  So I speak some of it....most of it.  A bit kind of thing.  But I'm by no means fluent.  Sad day.

    I understand Korean.  And when I'm angry I try to rant in it....but it doesn't usually work because I can't speak it.  lol

    ladsjflasdj is...me spazzing.  Usually on the computer showing extreme emotions.

    And there you gooooo.
    My multi "languages".
  • Побывав в отпуске, я поняла что знаю по немногу из шести языков, в первый день отпуска, я могла в одном предложении употреблять слова одновременно из разных языков, потом все-таки настроилась на английский и дело пошло. А так после русского, больше всего запаса слов из английского, который я учила сама, ни разу не ходив по курсам, даже в школе был немецкий. Про остальные языки промолчу. Придется мемуары писать.
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