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How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?

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  • Hmm, lets see.. started out in Seattle, my folks were renters in a subdivided Victoria out there called "Big Pink". I'm drawing a blank on the area name, (found it, somewhere near Volunteer Park) but one of the old neighborhoods w/ old houses. Lots of trees. I don't remember it as i was like 3? when we moved. But I've been out there to visit a few times and been shown around.

    Let see.. Moved to VA, my folks had a rental there. Bought their first house a block over a few yrs later. Moved to the other side of Hampton in Middle School. Moved out after HS and moved into my dad's old house in Gloucester Co. (Hereafter referred to as "The Guinea House" which technically was in Maryus. Actually, here we have SIENCE!

    And Lo, behold the wonders of Google Maps

    See the overgown area in the middle south of the road? Thats where the Guinea house was. Garage is on the left, little box on the right is the old red barn (more of a shed really). The Outhouse that I had to use would have been just about where that dark diagonal line starts south of the Shed.  It was a Bit of a walk on a cold winter night let me tell you. That kinda grey-ish area in the middle is where the house used to be. Some kids broke into the place and burned it down.

    Needless to say, it was my favorite place to live. I really miss that house. It was just.. Serene.

    After that, and apartment in Hampton, one in NN "In short, there's simply not / a more congenial spot / for happily ever aftering than here in Camelot." Yea.. not so much actually.. a townhouse in NN, a house in Hampton.

    Then the Cooper St. House! Yay! Freedom! Cooper Street was probably the smallest house I've ever been in. Something like 600 sq. Ft or so. But it had a nice sized yard, and was not QUITE dog-proof, so Morpheus would occasionally get out and go for a swim/roll in the mud in the creek a few blocks over. He's come home QUITE happily reeking of swamp/mud.

    After Cooper St., I moved into the house I currently own :D First Time Homeowner! yay! And there we have it :D

    8 - houses
    2 - apartments
    1 - townhouse

  • 1.   My house in VA Beach (current)

    2.  Turners Falls, MA

    3.  New London, Connecticut

  • 3 countries, 5 cities, 12 flats/houses.

    In many ways I enjoyed living in the States the most, but I had a damn good time living in London around the Millennium - even though I was living in a terribly rundown part of the East End and sharing a house with an indeterminate number of people.

  • When i was younger i lived in america for a few years with my dad and the other side of my family. my mum never came with us due to some changes in there marriage.... me and my dad lived there for a few years and tend to go back a lot of the time the next time i am going baqck is my eighth birthday with a bit of luck and a lot of prayer. hope that when im twenty one i can move there permantly. its better than wales where i am at themoment. how ever much i loved living back with my parents back together again. i would of much rathered her moving over to the states with me and my dad. due to the fact i have lived there coming back here is a pain in the ass becxause every takes the piss, basically calling me a lier. not that i am particaully bothered by it its just rather anoying when i know if i wanted to i could go back. we lived in manhatten for 3 years then moved upstate westchester for a year. the city was so much better. it was more livly and i had loads of friends but because i left i left all my friends and its really hard to get back in touch with them now that i am so far away to them. it tends to up set me because i cant see them like everyday like i used to. wales in my opinion is rubbish seen as there is only mountains and sheep. i moved from a big city to basically a forest to a small counrty town called wrexham. never the less im with my family so i am happy now i just wish i was where i call home back in new york. ....yes i still have the acsent....
  • Only one house in one city, and I don't mind, it's perfectly fine here hahaha.
    I wouldn't really want to move to a different city, Auckland rules.
  • Ive lived in 4 houses, 2 different rooms in halls at uni, (soon i will move into my first flat)

    my faveourite is d277 at my university my second year room :) so many happy memories there. Its one room but next door is one of my crazy best friends :D who i will be moving into a flat with.
    The walls were beige but i loved decorating them with pictures of drunken times and my best friend from home!! It didnt have much in the way of funiature, a bed, a desk, a bed side table, a sink, a wardrobe (none of it good quality!!)

    The worst was our second home we moved house and i hated it! the man that lived down the road and hit me with his walking stick....he was horrible and i was 8, it hurt lots! i never liked that house we didnt stop there long! 
    I never liked the house, on the moving in day i cried i didnt want to leave my nice home where my dad had decorated it, where i overcame my fear of thunderstorms, the neighbours were noisy and mean, the house was small and the garden was overgrown!

    any way thats the worst and the best places ive lived in! 
  • 1 apartment-from when I was born to about age 3-ish, House 1-age 3-5-when moving the family hired the workmen who were helping clean up the house to help move things out and across because umm, the parents had two little children to deal with at the time, I don't remember what happened to the neighbor/guy who lived in the upstairs by that point-some guy named Barry-yes, I knew someone with that name-although it's been gone mostly now-probably one of the most "laid back" guys and one of the first I'd ever and still have ever met but none the less was always afraid noise-wise--'cause when you're sharing a house with someone yeah...who knows if they're trying to sleep, House 2-age 6-11-for that move, the power decided to go out right before we started moving stuff during the winter and that was one of the everybody into one room with the propane heater years-because the ditch decided to flood while the power was out and while things were in the process of getting moved, House 3-age 11-18 and whatever you'd call the college summers and vacations, Dorm 1-age 18-19, Dorm 2-age 19-20, Dorm 3-age 20-21, Dorm 4-age 21-22 or it will be I guess--so 8 places, and to be honest I spent a LOT of time at the babysitter's too-Mita's. I guess maybe there was some other house my parents lived in when my mom was actually pregnant with me, but yeah, doesn't really count. Umm, my favorite was probably Dorm 2 'cause it had a normal amount of space for a room and I didn't feel like I was going backwards in time to a smaller room just 'cause I went to college. I don't think I have a least favorite, some people tried to pull stuff in one of the dorms but I don't have an issue with the dorm itself so much as the way it was run and dealt with at the beginning of problems there. Hahah, as mentioned above, in House 1 we had someone we rented the upstairs to, which was a little awkward (same front door) but other than that, not too bad.
  • I think it's about eight. My favourite - the flat in Kaunas and the least favourite? Oh my God, I still have nightmares... It's that garage, where I had a windowless bedroom. Wait, but the one with 5cm long cockroaches was pretty bad. What about mice? Yeah, and in terms of space and just general well-being, the first room in UK, with women from Somalia... It was kind of hellish. I don't know, so many places to choose from...

  • 4 cities, 2 houses, 4 apartments. Most favorite is 2nd house. I lived there for eight years. Least favorite is prolly 2nd apartment. I hate the shit that happened there.
  • I lived in some weird places. I think I liked the most was a boat in the far, lonely forest, because there was no energy, no tubed water, no TV or radio, and no Cell phone or internet. I rested and read a lot. The worst place was this same boat, for the same reasons.
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