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Close Call

Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?

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  • In 1997, I was walking along the side of the Schwazhorn, just across from the Eiger. The ground I thought I was walking on turned out to be a big overhanging cornice, which let go when I was halfway across. Without any warning whatsoever, the entire shelf of ice detached from the rock and fell down the vertical side of the mountain.

    I have absolutely no idea how I managed to get out of that one.

    Time really does slow down. In that moment I really thought I was dead - it was like Wile E Coyote when he suddenly realizes there's nothing beneath his feet, and he's got all the time in the world to think about what's going to happen next. Apparently adrenalin can do incredible things, because when time resumed its normal pace I was still in the land of the living, some distance away, face down on a wonderfully stable slab of granite, clinging on for dear life. The next day I could barely move - I'd pulled a load of muscles throwing myself out of the way, and it was a lot further than I ever thought I could move. I was black and blue down my right hand side where I'd landed, I'd banged up my hands where I'd grabbed the rock, and the clothes I was wearing had an interesting amount of blood from the big gash on my right hip (which occasionally reminds me of the moment in damp weather). Still, I was in better shape than I had any right to expect, because apart from a few bruises I really wasn't hurt at all. I was extraordinarily lucky.

    Ever since then I've been a lot more cautious about heights. It's insignificant compared to the sort of thing Joe Simpson talks about, but it was close enough for me.

  • Well, I've had a couple of close calls and strangely enough, most of them involve cars. Usually, I barely avoid being hit by one as I cross the road because I'm off in my own world or I'm too involved in my music. When I was a kid, my siblings and I were playing in our dad's car. The doors were open and I was in the passenger seat, my brother was in the driver seat and my sister was in the back. Somehow, my brother managed to put the gear into reverse and as the car backed out of the driveway, I fell out of it because my legs were hanging over the side. I remember being whacked over the head by the door and trying to cling onto it as I was dragged along, but let go after my dad told me to. My dad leapt out from the front door of the house and managed to stop the car but it was terrifying.

  • Me and my mate who will stay unnamed. where in his car going down the M1 in Chester going to the real astate. we where just chilling listening to music and talking and he desided because i was a nervous driver to drive even faster.we went from 30 to 60 to 80 which even at that point was unnerving then we to 100 miles per hour. i was panicing like hell but he seemed to be fine. i was telling him to stop but there was no chance at all for that.he put his foot down and then lost control of the car.
  • My closest accident that caused no injury other than some sore muscles and bruises for both my DH & I happened Friday night of Memorial day weekend 22 yrs ago on I-45 between Madisonville and Centerville.  The speed limit in Texas had just gone back up to 70 mph daytime/65 mph nighttime from 55 mph for autos, but stayed 55 for 18-wheelers.  I was just starting to pass a 18-wheeler when he hit a young bull.  The UFB (Unidentified Flying Bull) landed right in front of my Mustang and I had no option but to hit it.  I figured we were going to die.  Instead, we launched into the air and I started hearing my Dad's voice, "Give it some more gas, keep steering absolutely straight and DO NOT hit the brake's when you land!'  I followed Dad's orders to the letter and came down in complete control of the car about 10 yds down the road. I stopped on the side of the road, then moved the car into the ditch because another car hit the bull and they rolled.  In all there were 14 cars and pickup trucks hit that bull after us until the last pick up truck came barreling along about 100 mph and knocked it off the road.  They didn't even know they had hit it and DPS found them about 50 miles down the road with a busted radiator and a burned out engine.  We were very lucky.  I was 5 months pregnant and I didn't lose my baby then, and the damages to the car were relatively minor compared to everybody else who hit that UFB after it landed.  There was so much damage to the bull that there was no remnant of the brand left so we could not collect damages from the owner.

  • Well, I haven't been in very many near death situations, but one time I was climbing a tree in my parents front yard and fell out. This wouldn't have been so bad in itself except that they live on a hill, so I ended up rolling down it and off the wall onto the concrete, which is about a five foot drop. My mom freaked out and wanted to take me to the hospital, but I felt fine and my dad managed to talk her out of it because I hadn't hit my head or broken anything.
  • I have two stories to tell. One is my own and one is my friend's. When I was fifteen I nearly fell out of a seventh story window. This isn't much of a story because I don't feel like going into detail about it. Father... =P My friend I hear climbed over a fence and landed on a buried gas line. Something like that. She didn't realize that's what it was for a while, and when she did she quickly went back to safety. It was much funnier/more ofa close call when she told it. I was also involved in a flight where there was some heavy turbulence. Storm, trouble, people thought we were going to crash somewhere. Was not fun. I also had a pretty serious heat stroke when I was six. I don't really remember that, though.
  • Ha Ha! I have had many close calls in my 18 years. Probably too many. Probably my closest call, (and most vivid) had to have been two summers ago when I LUCKILY shattered the bones in my right ankle. My Grandmother owns a pond on her farm and we spend a great deal of time there over the summers. This particular summer had been a very dry one in Indiana, so the water at the pond near the dock  came about to my waist. I must have been caught up in all the possibilities of the new summer because I failed to notice that the water was that shallow. So... being the idiot that I usually  am I decided it would be fun to run as fast as I could from the beginning of the dock and then to jump into the pond. Well, I stupidly did and I realized at just about the same time the bones in my ankle crushed how shallow the water was. It is probably abnormal for a persons reaction after just being injured to be laughter but that always seems to be my reaction after getting hurt. (It was the same when I cut almost all the way through three of my fingers, and also when I gashed my shoulder almost down to the bone when I was seven at a friends house. People who have witnessed these times probably think I am insane.) Anyway, while laughing, I told my brother that I thought I had broken my ankle, (at this time I still was not out of the water yet and was leaning against the dock on my left leg) he didn't believe me because I was laughing. I decided that to be able to really know the damage I would have to fully get out of the water and look at my ankle. So I did. At first it did not look that bad. Slightly swollen and pretty bruised but it only looked unsightly. My ten year old brother and I were the only ones at the pond which is located a quarter mile away from the nearest house, so I decided that I would wait to see if some of the pain would go down before I started to walk back to my Grandmother's were my mother and her were located. I sat on the dock with my brother and we waited. I started to notice after about three minutes my ankle was swelling quite significantly and after ten minutes my ankle was probably roughly three times its normal size. I was still kind of chuckling but I saw my brother was kind of starting to get a little bit nervous. He told me, "I am gonna go back to the house and get help." I told him, "Just wait a few more minutes, the swelling will probably go down soon." But after about another minute I decided to face the music. The swelling was not going to go down in a few minutes and if my ankle was broken it probably would not be a good idea to walk on it, that might cause more damage. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so what would feel like a broken bone to most people feels like a badly strained muscle to me. I told my brother to go and get my mother back at the house, and I think that kid must of sprinted because he came back with my mother in the car about six minutes later. So we went back to the house, my ankle was quickly starting to look more hideous and I put ice on it and took an ibuprofin pill. It did not help the swelling so I decided to go to the local urgent-care/redi-med whatever. Long story short I had surgery to remove shattered bone and to replace the bone, and had to also do all other sorts of stuff to get my ankle to operate fairly smoothly. To this day my right ankle is not 100% and it probably never will be but I am very lucky. I realized later on that before jumping in I had considered DIVING in. If I would have dove into the water I most likely would have snapped my neck and probably would have died instantly or else became paralyzed and would have drown. Wow, I did not mean to write this much. Oh well I was bored.
  • A long time ago, I was riding in the car with my mom. We came up on this curve, and as we were turning my door came open, and stupidly I wasn't wearing any shoes so my foot was being dragged across the hot pavement, luckily my mom has super human reflexes, so she reached over and grabbed my arm and yanked me back in. My foot was all scratched up and bloody, but it was nothing serious. WHEN YOUR PARENTS TELL YOU NOT TO MESS THE HANDLE ON THE CAR DOOR, THEY MEAN IT!!!!!

  • This incident happen when I was living in tampa,fl and still going to high school, which was a little over 17 yrs ago.

    I was walking to school and it was a beautiful day and I happen to be coming across this four way intersection when out of no where all four cars going through that intersection collided  "I can still remember the screeching of the car tiers and the loud crash after" but when I looked up "because I was to scared to move from where I was when this was all happening" there was a car not even 2ft away from where I was standing.

    Talk about knocking on heavens door.
  • Well, sometime I fell from bike and broke the Jaw. I was purple from my neck till my waist. And I walked after that, but couldn't talk.
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