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When I Grow Up

Do you ever do anything now that you swore you would never do when you were younger? What is it?

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  • I never liked it when my mom answered my questions with, "We'll see". I never knew what that meant.

    Now I do.

    WE'LL SEE - term parents use when a child wants something and they don't want to say yes or no. Usually means "no".

    Now, I use it all the time.

    Works wonderfully.

    My mom was so smart.


  • Ага, но не всегда я от этого чувствую себя хорошо...
  • Yep I swore to myself that i'l never get closer to a person no matter if he is friend or a lover. But what can i say i've did it again i told what's on my mind and the person backed off. I guess i'm just one big fucking mess or maybe i'm just made to be alone for the rest of my life idk.
  •  Pay my tex
  • Aspirations we hold in ourselves when a child
    Now seem to be rotten and forgotten little wild
    Dreams that seem to just fade as the day goes on
    Like a little lie we told ourselves, imitating a con

    When the world still seemed to be filled with happiness
    And we didn't have to deal with this emptiness
    Of not having a need in our lives filled by others
    We watched as our hope falls and splatters

    And among the remains we can see actions we choose
    With the gathering of these pieces we can see where the pain goes
    Where the failure of a child's hope for the future
    And the little hope left for the cure

    The cure of  humans to stem away from happiness
    A journey to long, so dark, filled with destructiveness
    And as the pieces of the glass reflect what we knew
    So came the wind so strong so that it blew

    Away from the path yet again and so far
    Leaving us without a way to see in the dark cause the star
    That lead us here was shattered away by the abandonment
    Of the world which now makes us lament

    And think about where we went wrong and what isn't right
    What is it we held dear and used to make our world bright?
    I don't know where I went wrong or which turn I didn't take
    But if I don't hurry, to my happiness I wont make

    I'll be left behind in the shadows if I don't stand up
    If I don't find a way to tell the world to just shut up!
    I got a voice too and I got thinks to say
    I got revenge for you and to make sure you wont get away

    You hurt me, beat me down so many times you know?
    But this is about to turn into my own personal show
    And I'll be the play writer who directs the scenes
    Time to add emotion to this world, time to rid us of machines

    Of the emotions that seem too bleak and empty
    Of the lost of emotion and empathy
    If only I could take back the things that I said
    Maybe my life would have been differently led

    If I didn't loose hope that day
    When the only one that loved me passed away
    Or maybe if I didn't have to live here
    Always hiding, cowering in fear

    If only I was different I now say to myself
    If only I was stronger, and had better health
    If only the things I once dreamed as a kid would be true
    If only I could finally be me, not them, this, or you

    Our dreams from childhood just seem to fade
    And we lay here in gray colors, painted with plaid
    But if we find the colors that strike love in ourselves one day
    We could find some way to escape dissaray

    I wish I could go back and tell myself as a child
    To get ready for life cause the ride is just wild
    It spins and it twirls and it goes in every which way you can think of
    But when things go in a flow we can sit back and enjoy the lift off

    I guess what I am trying to say is this
    We all have our regrets and the ways we lost the bliss
    That we held as a child in the past
    And the wishes for the future, we'd hope would last.

  • Да. Вру.
  • 1. Became an atheist.
    2.  Accepted being naturally thin. (In my teens I was trying to get big muscles)
    3. I swore I would get a big car... Instead I never got one and still refuse to.
    4. Grew my hair long.
    5. Gave up on heterosexuality.
    6. Became a pacifist.
    7. I used to swear I would never shave my facial hair... Another "rule" from my past broken.
    8. Accepted being naturally pale. (Used to obsess over possibly tanning).
    9. Stopped drinking soda completely. :'(
    10. Stopped thinking fascism was right.
    11. Lost my nationalist prejudices.
    12. Stopped thinking men were better than women.
    13. Lost my belief that only humans mattered.

  • When I was younger, I swore I'd never drink, like boys, or self harm in anyway.
    Now, I'm obsessed with boys, I love to drink, and I have self harmed (witch I don't anymore). I've also conciderd smoking weed, but haven't..yet.
  • Smoking and drugs.
    I was so anti both of them when i was younger.
    Drugs are now probably one of my favorite pass times.

  • drinking and drugs. i was pretty much against them the whole time i was in high school. my dads drinking caused so many problems for our family that i didnt want to go anywhere near that shit. i cant really remember if i had the same attitude towards drugs or if i just had no interest in em. once i realized that i wasnt going to turn out like my dad just because i drank i kinda just let go. i started out slow but was a major partier for about a year (just pot and alcohol). that year is pretty blurry cause i was intoxicated more than not. i dont regret it though. i didnt get out of control to the point that i was fucking up my life. i dont think i was really doing any more than anyone else my age was doing. i was probably doing a lot less than a lot of people.
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