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Federal Regulatory Overhaul for the Financial Industry

Do you think the entire financial industry needs a federal regulatory overhaul? Why or why not?

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  • I'm not economy-minded, but in my opinion, yes, change needs to occur. Whether something is done regarding minimum wages or some other aspect of the economy, something has got to change. Nothing is impossible, it's all a question of determination.
  • I think it is interesting that allsate is sponsoring questions on livejournal. I wonder what might be next? Monsanto sponsoring adverts on NPR about how they support sustainable agriculture? Oh they already do that. Ok, that might be a bit of a leap but still it doesnt make me me happy for a reason that I cant quite explain. I think because I like the daily questions and I like the fact that they seem to be asked usually by people not companies and all their subsequent agendas.

    To answer the question though, Ill (BtW, my apastrophe key doesnt seem to be working) start by saying that Im not sure. The system needs to change but I think the problem warrants a solution much larger than just a financial overhaul. Id like to first see a reprioritazation of what we should value over what the current financial industry values. This goes way beyond the simple capitalist versus socialist labels that pundits and talk show hosts love and which they use because they are emotionally charged which elicit certain patterned responses from people. So in terms of reprioritzation I would like to see put on top - peoples health, food soverieghnty for the individual (no NAIS, no subsidies to agri business), clearn air and water for everyone, health care, and meaningful work. All of these priorities should be placed over profit, the freedom to pollute indiscriminantly, war profiteering, etc.

    In my opinion the financial crisis is really just a symptom of a larger problem where greed is prioritized over being a decent human being within the context of our humanity and connections to earth. To overhaul it, without a shift in these priorities from policy makers and the regular average joe and jane isnt really going to get us anywhere.

  • Why yes....yes it does!!!! Too many Financial Crooks taking way to much money from hard working people. Need to do something about those lame-ass Big Corporate CEOs too!. AIG comes to mind.
  • Do you think the entire financial industry needs a federal regulatory overhaul? Why or why not?

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  • Well, I'm not someone who has a lot of understanding of how the financial industry works, but we definitely need to stop depending on stocks as a way of investment or money. Especially as it doesn't seem entirely solid. Loopholes need to be closed, companies need to stop outsourcing and keep business here in the states--that way all the taxes can go to our government and bolster cities in return. And wages need to be retooled so that even in the most expensive city, minimum wage can sustain a family. (Most of them don't.)

  • I don't think the financila needs federal regulations, i think the government should leave the economy alone, like alaissez-faire, otherwise it will become a socialist government.
  • Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Yes, because it is broken and needs to be fixed.
  • The entire whatancial whatustry needs a whateral whatulatory overwhat? Financial illiteracy sucks.
  • Its easy to understand why Ppol doesn't mind their own business. they don't either have a mind or a business! Oh yeah talking bout mooney! let the money do some xplaining! what you need is a specialist who knows more and more and get less and less!
  • Hell yes!It's about bloody time, that we stop presuming, that the financial industry, has the best interests of we, John Q. and Jane Q. Public, at heart.Because have they demonstrated, time and time again, not to have our best interests in mind,but they have proven to be even less trustworthy, than a fox in a henhouse.
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