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When was the last time you cooked for yourself? What did you make?

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  • Originally posted by at полезно знать, памяткой будет
    апд. Ссылка на расшифровку:

    сегодня вечером: картофель в духовке, котлеты по-киевски с начинкой из брынзы )))
  • Ооо, как давно это было...  Захотелось драников... вот и стояла и драла эту картошку до умопомрачения.  Зато какое блаженство было съесть их потом... тепленькие,с маслицем, приготовленные для себя любимой. ММмммм!

  • тушенку с макаронами)
  • i don't really eat, except for snackage, as per before. but the last thing that i made that was good enough that i ate it repeatedly was a sort of chicken curry stir-fry, which was oddish in that i first fried the spices, then added some beaten eggs until they were mostlyish done, then threw in the veggies until *they* were mostlyish done, then put in lots of broth, a bit more in the way of spices that don't need to be heated in oil, and some coconut milk. simmered. after the veggies were nearly soft enough, i put in the chicken, and reduced the whole mix. on the side, i boiled some ramen noodles, drained them, and waited for the main mix to reduce to the right thickness, then i turned up the heat, dumped in the noodles, and stir-fried the hell out of it. i summarize this dish as 'fuckin' awesome'.
  • .......hmmm
  • Сегодня!!!! Я вообще каждый день готовлю. Всякие разности.
  • it was a cpl months ago. my boyfriends mother and I made fried cube steaks and stir fried rice :)
  • As I write this, I'm making chili mac. I stole some cans of chili from my dad the last time I was at his place, and picked up some macaroni pasta from the dollar store. Since I figure I can probably make 3 batches from what I have, that's $0.33 per meal. So, even if it doesn't turn out particularly well, it's well worth the price. Oh, and, no, it doesn't have beans. That would just be nasty. P.S. It turned out tasty.
  • Последний раз готовила вчера, яичницу с колбасой и сыром )))
    А вообще я готовить не люблю, хотя и умею. Еда конечно получается вкусной, но вот кухня выглядит, как после катастрофы )))) потом еще усиленно убираться приходится (((
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