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Meant to Be?

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?

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  • Sometimes, fate can be what is predicted to happen. It can happen, whether by mere chance or a gable. Do I believe in it? To a point, because I've seen a few things happen.
  • To a point, but some parts of fate do seem to happen in life. I would say I've learned that if something is meant to happen, it will happen.
  • For those who have trusted in Jesus Christ as your Savior, I have this simple word about fate... “Your destiny is already written and it is one of victory, not failure.” – Bill Burns
  • да!Создатель мудр!!!
  • Я верю только в неизбежность. В толстовскую неизбежность, в ницшеанскую. Зато верю крепко.
  • I think some people are just meant to be together. It is those people that have been through so much together and apart and still end up together. Through out my life, I have never seen anyone that has done this, but I still do believe. I have seen it on One Tree Hill, Peyton & Lucas, and Nathan & Haley. Maybe its because of them, and seeing them, I have do have faith in that, so I dont know if it counts. I may seem like a hypocrite, because I have been telling everyone else that I dont believe in that, but thats because I didn't think they belonged together. But I truth is that I do believe it. Some people are just meant to be together.
  • Strings, ropes, and cutting instruments.

    What people mistake for "fate" often, is the links between people... which are established automatically, but are usually no more than fine threads: easily broken, hardly even visible unless you are very perceptive. However, that's why you dream about people one day and then run into them the next day... the connections are only metaphorical strings; they connect persons but not via space and may shift a little bit in time.

    On the other hand, these connections can get "thicker", and become like ropes (we tend to have these with people we spend more time around... we "feel attached") and even chains (these can link people to imaginary people, for example, a past self which went through trauma). 

    To the extent that we are capable of directing our focus, we can enhance links to imaginary people and then find real people to syncronize these links to... "love at first sight" and "meeting the perfect partner" happen when we perceive such a match happening. 

    Of course, most people aren't aware that they can improve these links, or even sever them altogether... so they go through life thinking it is all preplanned or that someone is intentionally manipulating things for good ("God is on my side") or for bad("The Matrix has me! They're all coming to get me!")... but it is by our actions, focus, and inactions that these links are formed, grown, and maintained. 

    Oh, and as to why this system of thinking came about... it's one of those "esoteric" things that you might find mixed in with cult propoganda, but Iearnt it on a course I did eons ago, and then experimented for a while to verify that it's a workable model... being able to weave your own web of connections is both powerful and a burden in the sense of responsiblity, and I think the latter reason is what keeps us disbelieving that they can control their own fate, and deferring to gods or goverment conspiracies.

  • i do believe in fate. other wise if we didnt have fate we would not be who we are today.

    exp: you were in love with your first boy friend and he dumped you for your best friend.

    fate: you were not ment to be with that boy and that friend. and going through that has made you a stronger better person so with out fate you would still be crying of him hateing that once ago friend. but fate makes you move on to the next thing and the next thing. the only one that holds you back is your self.

  • No. Ain't fate supposed to be that bullshit when things fall apart so better things can fall together? Or something. Hell no. Shit happens cause shit happens. No deeper meaning, no hidden message, what the fuck ever.
  • I don' believe in meant to be. I believe we make our own destiny and fate. What happens on the way without your doing, would be just luck. Or bad luck.

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