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Wild Life

How long could you survive on your own in the wild?

Answers (257)

  • Limited life span and randomly and so long, and one year and two or more
  • Ограничено сроком жизни и случайностями- а так долго и год и два и более

  • 10 seconds. No doubt about that - I wouldn't survive even ONE MINUTE.
  • A bag of trail mix can only go so far and my reflexes are shot from watching too much tv
  • probably for quite some time..im rather self sufficient
  • 38 seconds
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  • I don't think I could survive too long in the wild by myself. I be homesick and hungry if I was stuck by my own. I could die less than about...I dunno, maybe an hour or a minute before someone could find me.
  • if i wasn't rescued within a day or two. not very long. maybe a week. i would so fail. i should get a how to book about surviving in the wilderness. hah.
  • well, you don't really outline the scenario that well.  I'm going to create it then.  If I were in a heavily forested area, teeming with wildlife, I have at LEAST a week in me.  I've been out on my own in the wild,(not intentionally)  without contact for 4 days in a forest somewhere in Colorado.  that was about the most...  oh, what's the word, it was the biggest reminder of what we're doing to the planet.


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