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Will you be doing anything special to celebrate Earth Day today?

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  • Well, I bought me a membership at Arbor Day, and bought baby trees. Then, I bought a pair of sunglasses. Brand: Lei (Life, Energy, Intellegence.) Then, I worked out in my garden bed, mowed, and watered my flowers.
  • Следующий праздник обязательно. Земля-живая и является неотъемлемой частью каждого из нас. Она нас  кормит, а мы в свою очередь должны к ней бережно и нежно относиться. Тем более выпить обязательно за её здоровье. Значит праздник будет 22 апреля 2010 года.
  • Go to school and do nothing. Yay?
  • Earth Day is very important to my family. Every year usually on a Sunday following the actually date of Earth Day, we form a group and go out and clean up around the lake. The reason why we do this, is because if we don't then our children, and future generations won't care about our earth and will continue to pollute. We don't want that, and it is important to teach them now, at a young age, that throwing trash out into the environment instead of the proper containers hurts our poor earth. It's already sad enough that we have holes in our ozone, global warming continues to affect us, and lastly many people can't take the time to dispose of a McDonald's bag into a garbage bin. Instead you find various items washing up on the lake shore, from people polluting our lakes and such. Wake up people, we live on Earth. We owe it to our home to take care of it, it takes care of us by giving us life, a place to live, and the resources to make it possible to live. Our group continues to grow bigger, and our volunteer force cleans whether rain or shine. What have you done to be an active part of Earth Day? (This is not a replacement for my mentioned post)
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  • On last friday, I've been doing some vollenteering with my school by doing cleaning up the campus so, each of us have a group and  we were separated by it, and we just go with by age groups, We went outside and starting  picking up sticks then garbage and sort of those kind of stuff. It was a fun experience. :)
  • i love nature! its a gods gift! hehehe i plant trees and plants!
  • Nope.
  • Hahahaha, no.
    But Earth Day is my birthday! :D

  • Oops, Happy Belated Earth Day. I'm pretty sure I spent it sleeping until noon, then had my face in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2 for the rest of the day. Some witch I am. :P
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