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Would you ever go on a silent retreat? How long do you think you could go without talking?

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  • I have been on several silent retreats, back in my teenage years. I had no problem with spending the weekend without 'chatter'. We were allowed to talk during meals, so we could ask for the bread, find out what town somebody was from, etc., but the rest of the day was silent. I had lots of questions about what direction God wanted my life to go in, and I found the silence very helpful. I would like to go on another if the opportunity presented itself.
  • If you let me talk to myself, a long, long time. If not, I guess I could still handle it for a few months, provided I could communicate by writing or visual methods.
  • I would be fine in a retreat. i can go days without the urge to talk to anyone. i prefere the company of animals. if there were animals at the retreat i would'nt last 5min. i have this nasty habbit of talking utter rubbish to my pets like they understand every word i'm talking about. i think i might be slightly mad.


    I could freeze someone out like you wouldn't believe.

  • I would never go on a silent retreat. No, actually, I would TRY... But I'll probably end up talking twenty minutes later. =)
  • Oh, I could do it. I'm fairly taciturn already. I keep quiet and think a lot. Sometimes even preferring to shake my head "yes" or "no" rather than say anything. I can go days without much more than a few words. If I did a silent retreat, my guestimate would be I could manage a week, to a month, without talking. Maybe more, who knows? (Though if something happened like an emergency, of course I would have to break my silence.)

    What might be hard is not hearing other people talking in the background. I'm so used to tuning in (or zoning out) the bright clip of chatter, like white noise to me. Hearing complete silence would be numbing, stupefying.

    I imagine it also has the effect of slowing down life. So that you can smell the roses, hear your heartbeat, feel the wind caress your cheek; and reflect on anything that might be troubling you. Come to clarity. (Writers do this, they go away to be in solitude so they can concentrate on their work.)

    It's appealing in a culture that's cellphone/Twitter dependent. There's an intense need to stay in contact with others and to get feedback no matter what. Suppose we cut that off? People would then have to draw from within, or become better at reading nonverbal signals.

    Would I do it? Probably not, I do it all the time anyway. The people who would need to do it most, in my opinion, are those who never shut up. Never stop to relax and absorb the world around them, or look within. Those who could stand to learn to choose their words wisely, and that you don't need to say everything that comes across your mind.

    ...Actually, if it was for a cause I believed in, I might do it.

  • все зависит от собеседника-  молчать можно либо при очень умном, либо при слишком глупом собеседнике.. Вобщем там, где споры и вопросы бесполезны :)
    а, ну и еще я молчу днями напролет , когда полностью теряю голос)))

  • Use to, I probably would've answered this question with a 'HELL NO'. I was always so loud & outspoken...always having something to say. Anymore these days, I'd have to say 'why the hell not'. I pretty much keep to myself for the most part because the military life can be pretty lonely at times. Though, I still know how to get loud & crazy when it comes to having fun. I'm still as opinionated as ever, but I've calmed down a lot when it comes to picking & chosing what to say & when. I think a silent retreat would be something fun, yet challenging to do. How long are retreats usually...a weekend...a week? I'd try to go for a few days at least...a week maybe. I'm sure there would be a nice feeling of serenity accomplished, and in the end, it would certainly give a new appreciation to having the ability to talk. Bring it on!
  • I actually don't think that I could go very long without talking,, but if I did go on a silent retreat I would have no chance because of my family.,, my brothers would make me talk in the first like 2 minutes.. so if I actually did a silent retreat I think I could go for maybe 2 weeks, actually I have no idea.... :) 
  • well it usually dosn't last long.
    but it's 3 weeks now the longest ive ever gone without talking to someone.
    first day back to work.
    OMFGGGG we got 5 new lifeguards. Marley, Jim, mike, spencer and kyle.
    oh sweet baby jesus. kyle, spencer and mike are HOT. like cute-hot whihc omfg.
    and guess what?
    mike has braces, brown hair and eyes, toned and eye level with me.
    OMFG he is theee hottest thign i've seen since mason.
    like i got tlaking to him and now im good with all three of them cause they're friends. cause i act straight around green lakes.
    and now im in on them.
    holy shit i think each of them might be gay too like deff kyle and maybe mike.
    but ill force mike so it's alright. =]

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