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Taxmen and Poetry

It's Tax Day in the U.S., a day when the mind might be too occupied with deductions and long lines at the post office to think about poetry. But let's try: what's your favorite line of poetry? Song lyrics count.

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  • oh damn i got plenty of those! lol!

    " Make me want you
    make me miss you
    make me wonder where you are
    then forget you
    girl remind me 
    just who we are
    we're oh so close
    but yet so far."
    she lives in my lap~outkast

    "saw that day
    lost my mind
    Lord i'm fine
    maybe in time 
    you'll want to be mine"
    El Manana~Gorillaz
  • "Because I have been given much, I too must give." It's the first line from a hymn called "Because I Have Been Given Much" I have been blessed with so much. I don't always notice what I have, and I'm...awestruck when I really think about what I have. I have a lot. I need to share. It's also a family favorite. It has a lot of sentimental value. It makes me cry often. A secondary favorite is "In the quiet heart is hidden, sorrow that the eye can't see.", from "Lord, I Would Follow Thee". The whole hymn is about giving up judgment and being protectors and healers for our brothers and sisters. So many people walk around with so much pain inside. So many are so fantastic at acting that we don't have any idea what really goes on. Pain is almost impossible to describe, and even harder to allow out in the open. People who can do that have my respect, just for sharing. So much of my own pain has been healed by people who just shared. I was healed simply by knowing I was not alone.
  • Here's an old poem of mine that some of you may already know.


    You and I are just
    Sipping our lattes
    While a ragged child
    Watches us from his
    Home under the bridge.
  • пусть встретится тот, с кем захочешь остаться,
    с кем не сможешь уснуть, у кого на плече хорошо просыпаться.
    с кем сладкой слеза тебе будет казаться,
    с кем приятно болтать ни о чём и легко напиваться.
    с кем будешь нежна, кем будешь любима,
    с кем захочешь забыть, что когда-то там было.
    прошу об одном, пусть во сне боль кольнёт, приснится тебе, что сердечко заныло,
    присниснится и мне, что опять я и ты и, что ты ничего не забыла.
  • I run into lyrics I love all the time, but after I read the question, these were the first that came to my mind. I love these lines, but I love the song more. Together we fly, Together we fall, Together we all see The death of it all. --Death Of It All by Rob Zombie.
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  • I know theres better things out there but your my everything

    its from brokencyde, the song is called still waiting for u or somethin like that/.

    awsome man/
  • complicated, X-rated i want you bad, bad, bad.

    idk its from want you bad by the offspring. I just thought its funny.

  • Federal Meter missing its keeper
    while laws are cited in Red.

    Up went the debt and
    burned us on set and
    slept after eating our dead.

  • There are MANY! Here are a very few:

    "A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect
    every action in this world will bear a consequence
    If you wade around forever you will surely drown
    I see what's going down." - Face Down by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    Basically the whole song In the End by Linkin Park.

    ... And many more...
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