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What is your favorite old-school video game?

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  • Pretty much most of them. They have always been intriguing to me. Fuck football, basketball or baseball. Give me video games any day. :)
  • In the 80's, a lot of Atari games, such as pac-man, frogger, and some others. Glad the Atari Flashback helped me find some I wanted to play so badly) 90's, a lot of games fro Sega, and Nintendo. Final fight, street fighter were good game franchises. :)
  • Well, for the holidays, I got both genesis flashback (didn't work) but the atari flashback did, and I felt like nothing I ever felt before.. I couldn't believe the inspiration for a possible script, and also great memories that came back to me. Man, nostalgia rocks.

  • Tell us, rhkpennsylvania, since you saved all your money as a kid and bought Super Nintendo all by yourself for $100.00...

    What is your favorite old Super Nintendo game??

    We still have everyone of them...

  • Probably Tiger Heli. It has replay value if you ignore the fact the levels keep looping forever. It's not as challenging as some games I've played, and I can can sort of just shut out everything and just keep the helicopter going. Jackal is also a favorite because I like shooting stuff with the primitive NES joypad. Other games I really loved until I mastered and found the endings, like Guardian Legend, Magic of Scherzerade and other Zelda type games.

  •  Id have to say metal gear!!!!!!
  • That's like asking what your favorite song is- you can't just pick one! Super Mario Bros 3, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Mario World, Yoshi, Super Mario RPG, Phantasy Star IV, Final Fantasy VII, ETC. ETC. If I HAD to pick only one- Super Mario Bros 3. It was the first game I received (I was five years old), and that alone probably turned me into a gaming nerd. Nineteen years later, I STILL have not beaten that damn game :|
  •   You could always find me, my brother, and my sister fighting over Donkey Kong, Jungle Book, Mario, and Wayne's World Super Nintendo. (I hope I spelled those right.) We would play all day until our mom would notice, and give us a not so friendly pat on the buttocks. Hahah!
    Wow, the memories. :3
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