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What reality show would you most want to be a contestant on? What would your strategy for winning be?

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  • Maybe one, where i marry a cougar, (ALWAYS loved OLDER WOMEN) or maybe to do a voice-over for some cartoons. What would me strategy be for winning, any which way but loose, or try to impress people with me natural ability.
  • If there was a reality show about who’s the best bowler for wii bowling, I think Sean and I would be good for that. Both of us are a bit rusty when it comes to real bowling because we haven’t done it for a while. Nevertheless, we both enjoy friendly competition. Giving one another a difficult time on the bowling lane is what we did best last night. If there was a reality show about being the best bowler—like being in the pro bowling assiociation—it would be fun to win money, or even a bowling trophy. Nothing would be more awesome than to have dreams about what that would be like for the two of us. Ultimately, I think it would simply be amazing. We could show that having a disability doesn’t stop us.

  • My strategy is to never be a contestent. I don't watch reality tv any more, either. 

    I tried to watch The Bachelor, but it went against everything I believed in.
    Come on, can a person really be ok with the guy kissing (and whatever else) every girl on the show? 

    That's just wrong.

    Guard your heart, friends. It determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23

    Am I the only who feels this way???

    Leave your comments...

  • I have lots of reality shows that I'd love to be a contestant on, lol. 1. I've always wanted to be a contestant on American Idol because I sing in my free time. I've posted some videos on facebook and people thought it was pretty good. It wouldn't matter if I didn't win. American Idol will always make you famous in some way even if you just get down to the final four. :) 2. The Bachelor or the Bachelorette. Alright, most of these people don't find love but I'd love the experience. 3. America's Next Top Model!! I'm 5'11, 125 pounds, and prettier than all the girls there combined. I've always had dreams and aspirations to be either a singer or a model. I know nothing happens overnight. Take a look at my most popular youtube video! :)
  • Я бы хотела на некоторое время оставить счёт таким. Или на худой конец 1/ 1. Но мне кажется 1/2/1/2 будет правильней. Но могу и посоветоваться. Могу?

  • American Idol. I would sing opera, which is my minor (or going to be soon). I've always dreamt of becoming an opera singer. I'd sing "Queen of the Night" from the Zauberflote, Mozart, which embellishes my soprano voice. That would surely get me past the tryouts. My second choice would be Project Runway. I already have a sketchbook full of original designs. The biggest obstacle I'd have to overcome is my introversion and shyness. Then maybe I'd compete.
  • I would want to be on Australian Idol. I'd just be like singing in a really high-pitched off-key voice. And everyone would wear earmuffs when I'm singing. ^____^
    Actually, I could go on The Biggest Loser because I'm fat and I could make the show SO BORING that Channel 10 would axe it. That's what the Big Brother contestants did - they made the show really boring. :)
    Or I could go on Survivor. Eating yuck food ftw.

  • Easy for me to answer; American Idol. My strategy to winning would be to practice for at least 5 hours each day and then get lots of rest.
  • Lau-Chan09's Answer-The colour of money because i like the colours and would pick all the blues. I also like it because it's simple. My strategy for winning would be ''if the machine stops before i do, i will kick it or smash it to bits with an AXE! :)''
    Sarah's Answer-Who want's to be a millionairre? Because everyone wants to be, but i don't know about a strategy except to believe that i wouldn't actually win?
  • American Idol with Adam! if that wouldn't work i would be on top model nd bring a ton of drama so the viewers want to keep me on soo they cant kick me off :D

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