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What's the most drastic change you've ever made to your appearance?

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  • I recently posted my 80’s drastic change blunder. Now I will sheepishly post my 2012 drastic change blunder.

    Tried to color my own hair last week because I was tired of paying big bucks to cover a few annoying strands of gray.

    I was thinking, “How hard can it be? Just chose a color as close as possible to my own.”

    I chose the shade dark golden blonde. Sounded beautiful.

    Folks…it’s not dark golden blonde. It’s dark golden red.

    I’ll stop there.

  • I was invited to a prom when I was only 15. I'd always worn my long thick hair in a ponytail. My friend's Mom offered to give me a home perm. It was like a huge afro- before afros were popular!! I looked like I was wearing a bad wig!!

  • Drastic change of the 80's...Cut and permed my long, care-free, straight hair. It turned into one frizzy, horrible, unmanagable mess.  

    Oh, the painful, crazy things we sometimes do!

  • losing 170 lbs
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  •  i haven't done anything drastic, or at least nothing that i've considered drastic.

    i didn't dye my hair until i was a freshman and then it was only two black streaks for my bangs.

    change scares me especially drastic ones, so i don't usually drasticly change anything in my life.

    viva me!
  • покрасила волосы в рыжий цвет. этим летом. не жалею.
  •  On prom day, I had a BIG hair do...  Then I had nails, make up, heels, AND A DRESS!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!  No one could reconize me...  I couldn't reconize me...  0.o  And I NEVER do those things.  EVER!!!!!   I never want to do that ever again....
  • It's quite funny actually. Well, to me anyway. For a few years I had long hair - about down to my shoulder. All my friends loved it. I'm not being cocky in saying a lot of girls found it attractive - quite a number did. I was constantly told I should be on a Head&Shoulders ad or something for it (I have extremely soft, shiny hair. And I have loads of it.) I loved it aswell. But one day I just took a notion to change my hairstyle...

    So of course I go into the hairdresser - without telling anyone - and get a 3-blade all over. That's about 8 inches of hair gone. Just like that. Drastic change in the utmost sense. The results were, to say the least, hilarious. One friend called to my house and immediately recoiled when she saw my hair, doubled over from shock and couldn't breathe. That was probably the most extreme of responses but they were all hilarious. I had the best craic going around and imprinting peoples' reactions in my memory, hah!

    Since then, (it was a few years ago now) every so often I take a notion to have a drastic change made to my hair. Keep everyone on their toes, y'know? This year I got my hair cut and highlighted without telling everyone. Less amusing than the hair chop obviously but still fun nonetheless. I get amusement out of these type of things, I'm strange like that!

    I think that's the most drastic change I have made to my appearance yet. I could be forgetting something though.
  • The most drastic change I've made to my appearance had to have been cutting it when it was waist long (the first time) and/or layering it. I don't remember if it was done together. (It was a while ago.) It wasn't my idea to layer it; my aunt took me to get my hair cut when I was little (though I didn't really wanna). I thought it came out horrible. It was so poofy. I ended up cutting the shorter layer so that it created an odd little patch of short hair on the top of my head. I still have it today. A lot of people don't even notice it though. I guess I have to tilt my head a certain way. When my waist length hair was cut the first time (forever ago), I believe it was cut to shoulder length. I've grown it all the way back (and maybe a bit more) since then though. I like having long hair. Even if it is a little weird at the top. :)
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