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What's the best April Fool's joke you've seen today?

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  • I haven’t seen any April fools jokes yet today. That doesn’t mean that something hasn’t happened. I did hear about one already. I heard that the wii was cooperating sometime last night after it had us baffled about why it wasn’t functioning correctly. Nothing was more baffling than the disk and console both deciding not to work. Because of that, all of our wii characters ended up mysteriously getting deleted, and we had to re-create new ones, from scratch. To see that this is no joke, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens when my mom brings in the back-up disk.
  • What's the best April Fool's joke you've seen today?

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  • so i was having a party at my friend james house and it was at his lake house,
    so there where some kids sleeping in tents and shit, so round 11ish this kid just passed out
    on a air matrice that he toook out of his tent, this kid was k.oed, no way he was waking up.
    so we just pushed him in the lake with 2 other kids, they woke up around 12pm and was freaking out!
    im sitting there with my ice coffee and my girls and we are on the ground dieing cuz these kids are
    in the middle of the lake with freezing cold water around them and they had no way to get back
    unless they swam, bahaha (:

    goood night
  • gah april fools... some guy came up to me and pointed and said camel toe, smiled and said april fools. it pretty much ruined my day. :/ and also i had a friend come up to me.. and started saying that our good friend died. "lissette remember luis? he died" "WHAT?! no you're lying, i saw him in lunch." "no, he had a heart attack last period he's in the hospital" i seriously started crying. and i was desperately trying to remember if he had heart problems. then he just screamed out "APRIL FOOLS!" i completely forgot. i hate how gullible i am. -_-"
  • My little cousin called my dad and told him our Aunt Trisha was pregnant. My dad nearly choked. It was awsome. That kid is creative and devious for a 9 year old. (my aunts a bit old to be having a kid lol...her and her guy have been 'engaged' for almost thirty years)
  • The worse/best joke on April Fools was the one on Kryptonsite...i was really looking forward to all those thing they 'spoiled' for us. And now, totally disappointed. That was actually pretty mean. I mean, I totally shoulda known that's what they were doing, but still very cruel. I really had hoped they were bring Martha back for the finale amongst other things...that was a huge disappointment when it was labeled an April Fools joke. CRUEL KRYPTONSITE CRUEL!!!
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  • when i told jeremy i was moving to maine and minutes later said i wasnt!!! HE BELIEVED ME!!!!!wow... id believe me 2.
  • The friend of mine who convinced people/his friends on Facebook that he won a contest that the USPS ran, and that he would be on a postage stamp later this year. Brilliant!
  • Save IE6. It's one of the few jokes I still remember a week after the date, so it's pretty good.
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