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Not That Lion and Lamb

As the old saying goes, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Weather aside, how did March come and go in your life this year?

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  • It's usually when good things happen.
  • It usually goes for me, like when good things happen, and the vibe is awesome. March-December rock, January-February suck, but is January ever a good month for people? Only if it is your birthday or anniversary.
  • This year, March roared in like a lion, because my incredible boyfriend had a surprise for me. That surprise just happened to be he and my family took me out to lunch for my birthday.. Obviously, he didn’t want anyone else to spoil the surprise, so he and a bunch of our friends—whom he’d told—told me various lies to keep me from trying to know the truth of what he was really up to. Then again, I’m wondering if he’s still up to more craziness for my birthday month. I guess only time will tell. Weatherwise, it’s been up and down. We haven’t really been able to go for walks because the weather’s been so crazy. Each time we’d like to take a walk to enjoy the unusually warm winter weather, we couldn’t just because it rained, or it was a little bit too chilly. Then again, it’s been a rough month, as I’m having to switch doctors, which isn’t easy. There’s a lot of “red tape” Mom and I have to go through to deal with the insurance mess. Sean wants to swich doctors, too, so we figure we can both make the switch at the same time—on my mom’s next visit—at which time, Mom’s going to have to help me with the other insurance stuff as well. But, it gives my mom an opportunity and excuse to come hang out with us more often.
  • March went by like a flash! I did my taxes, and work was hectic. But there were some good things. I reconnected with an old friend. And accomplished some personal goals. Looking back, I'm satisfied with how the month went. There were some bumps on the road, but I got over them and won't trip again.
    I really need to keep this type of momentum going in my life, instead of letting it stagnate.
    It was much easier than February, which was hell.

  • Well, I don't really know how to explain this much but I know march has come in with new beginnings for me, also considering this is my first birthday that really counts, if you know what I mean. It's cool and all. I just don't have an ID and now I can't really do much of anything anyway. I'm back in questioning for what exactly it is i'm going to do with my life. I guess I think what i'm going to do is the whole physical therapy thing. I mean, I'm really excited yet at the same time, it's like. Why did it take someone else to make me really consider it? Did that mean it wasn't something I would have thought up on my own? Am I going to be good at what it is I do decide to do? Am I going to be a good physical therapist? I mean, shit. The money sounds great. The stability... Is it all too good? Anyway, Happy Easter to me. It was a good one. Family, friends, the works. I guess i'm going to look up some information on physical therapy... Maybe this is my calling. I've always been about helping though at times I acted a little.. well very self absorbed. Maybe this is the karma I've always needed to realize that maybe I do like to help.. and give back in ways. Anyway. Im out like a boner in sweatpants.
  • March came in rather rough. My best friend and I were fighting constantly, every week to be exact because we were both going through some stress full times, my grades slumped, my senioritis got worse, I felt like I would not see some of my friends again after graduation. And I found out my girlfriend was murdered instead of dying of just a seizure. But so far things have much improved, so far. I just don't want to jinx my luck...
  • Pretty good, no complaints. Could have used a bit more excitment, but it nice.
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  • when on     EARTH did this saying get inveted??
    sounds like a load of bollocks if u ask me

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