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What My Friends & Family Would Say about Me

What would your best friend say makes you great? What about your parents or siblings?

Answers (211)

  • More acquaintances say I am a person they can learn things from. People have told me that they always learn something new from me. Both online and in real life. Quite an interesting quandary.
  • My personality. :D I'm one of the most awesome people you'll EVER meet in your life. I'm very easy-going, nice, cheerful, open-minded, funny, and I love life. :p It's very rare that people don't like me.

    I just realized how conceited that sounded... But that is actually one of the questions I often ask people, because a lot of the time, I don't see why people like me. And that's the answer I get. My personality.
  • My best friend would say I'm very observant. My family would probably say something like "she's a nice girl"
  • My friends would say whats great about me is that i am very loving and caring and that they know they can count on me cuz i will always be there for them no matter what.I love my girls and theres nothing and noone that will ever split us up. Yea we may have our ups and downs but who doesnt, Its part of live.My family well theres a few that actually talk to the others we really dont keep in touch hardly so... yea. But i would say that they know that when they need me im always there for them as well. I have a big heart and i believe in forgive and forget and hope there will be some changes if needed or set your self to a higher goal. Like they say The past holds anger.The future holds anxiety open the present and have sum fun!!!
  • Hopefully that I'm a good friend/sister/daughter

  • I'm not sure what anyone would say makes me great. I suppose what "good" qualities I may have, would be that I care. Which is why I was in customer service for several years and health care for nearly 13 years. Taking care of everyone from babies to elderly, disabled, and everyone in between.
    I don't like to see anyone made fun of or picked on. I don't like to see people in pain or suffering. Whenever someone is in need of help I want to be the one to help them, in any way that I can.

    I downloaded the song "My Coat of Many Colors" by Dolly Parton, the other day...and played it for one of my daughters. Trying to get them to understand. Specifically the part about how she felt as rich as could be despite how all the other kids laughed at her and she just didn't understand why they didn't see it..

    Honestly, I don't know what anyone sees in me that is "great". Not to say I'm a bad person or anything like that. I just don't see any qualities that stand out making me so much better than any other person..

  • um this ones a tough one how bout my friends answer that lol
  • Let's actually go into detail with this one... This should be fun!!! In no particular order: (well who ever comes to mind first) - The Boyfriend: That I am the most wonderfulest girlfriend any boyfriend could have ahaha. I think what he most likes about me is that I'm a loyal person. I don't stray from those I love. Aside from that it would have to be that I'm a freak, completely inappropriate, I know, but it's true. - The best friend: That I'm drama free? We have been friends for the longestest time and no drama between us thus far. Well none that I know of atleast. We have an awesome friendship, I think so. We are meant to be <3 hehe - The mother: That I'm her gift from God. Today she said " Dios dijo, yo se que tu quieres un nino pero te voy a regalar una nina porque va estar a tu lado mas que un nino." Lately she's been thanking me a lot for putting up with everything she sends me to do. No matter how outrageous it is I do it. - The oldest sis: My sense of humor. We don't talk much or see each other much, but when we do we are always joking around. I love her and miss her. haha we have had good times messing around. - The brother: That I am always fighting with him. He needs to fight in order to be happy. I fill that void. - The younger sister: That I'm her best friend. I listen to her problems without judgement, and tell her all my problems. She knows too much about me ahaha I'm starting to get sleepy so can't think of anymore. Oh well.. T'was fun. <3
  • I've always been great 8DD *Massive ego stroking*
    But really, I dunno. I mean,  I could ask .__."
    I guess me being 'imaginative'
    (AKA Crazy, insane, &or paranoid ">__>)
    Huh... I think that's it D:
    Oh, and I can make people LOL, but everyone should be able to do that.

    Or else you epic fail at existing, sir .__.
    Sorry D:

    - eKitty

  • My family/ friends would probally say that my niceness/sweetness makes me great. i tend to be super nice, sometimes too nice, and i try to be sweet to everyone.
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