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Fresh Flowers or Crunchy Leaves?

It's the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. What season do you want it to be where you live?

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  • I would ike it to be spring where I am. Here in the north, it’s finally beginning to look and feel a lot like spring. The days are getting longer, and it’s finally getting warm. I hope it is warm enough for my boyfriend and I to go for a walk sometime later today. Although our allergies are acting up, taking walks is what we both enjoy doing whenever the weather cooperates, and it’s not the least bit cold or snowy. I think it’s time for us to go outside.
  • Don't get me wrong. I love spring. The sound of croaking frogs, crickets, things blooming, the weather warming up... but there are two things that i hate about it and that's severe weather and allergies. Apparently I'm allergic to pollen now as I've mentioned before and I can't even hang around the garden department at walmart anymore without getting nausea and stuffed up. Even if it's outside. For those two reasons I prefer the crunchy leaves. At least I could breathe more clearly then...
  • Ah, I get it now. You're supposed to actually write in-depth answers to these things. Whoops. Yeah. I know. ANYWAY.

    Hmm. Of course, I would have allergies in both of these seasons. Naturally. However, my fall ones are generally worse. But my birthday is in the fall. I think it's time for a comparison.

    Pros: Pretty colors, warm, school is ending, sunny, rain, Spring Break
    Cons: Allergies, windy, school testing

    Pros: Birthday, cool colors, school is easy, Leaf piles!!!
    Cons: Allergies, school starts, cold, windy

    Yeah, I'm going to have to go with spring on this one. I like warmer weather in general, and rain. Also, school is almost over, which is good... even though they tend to test you a lot. Ick.

    Hey, this has helped me with my writer's block! Sweet! Not to get off topic or anything. So, yeah, I pick springtime. It's altogether a nicer time for me. Although fall does have that crisp winter smell.... Oh snap. I just can't seem to agree with myself, can I?


  • I love autumn. It's my favorite time of year. besides, the closer it is to autumn, the closer it is to Halloween!!
  • Neither. I would rather be in snow or complete sunshine. Why? Because I've been out from school and work for the past week because of asthma. Yeah, before you start rolling your eyes, it's not mild asthma that everyone else has. It's like high moderate asthma, where you can't even breath without having to grab your inhaler. I was on my nebulizer and new inhaler for the past week, since Tuesday actually. Now I found out I have inflamed lungs because of the constant coughing and wheezing.

    In all, I'm fucking pissed.

  • I wish it was still winter.
  • I like that question..fresh flowers or crunchy leaves.. It seems like in MN we have winter for sooo long, that's why we often call it MinneSNOWta. I like winter, don't get me wrong. And there is nothing more beautiful than white snow fresh fallen on the trees and ground. A fresh blanket of snow, Christmas music, hot apple cider, sledding, you get the idea...but what seems like 10 months of it..NOT cool!

    Then the summer is nice, except when its so miserable and sticky out that you wish it was winter because it makes you sick..Where is the happy medium?
    I like a few things about winter but only from just before Thanksgiving till just after Christmas, then be gone with you...

    Springtime is a wonderful time as the air is fresh and clean, the snow is melting, birds chirp...everyone seems to be in a better mood as the come out of "cabin fever"..
    I do like summer and fall also but I'd have to say that I wish spring would hurry up and get here already. 2 nice days and then snowing, does NOT count either.....

  •          I was already thinking about the weather today! I actually like this weather! Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons- not too hot, not too cold. However, I would appreciate a slight increase in temperature! (60's-70's is nice!) Summer is nice up here but it's just too hot for me! My fiance's family live in Texas (I spent the 3 months there last summer with them) and I think it is wayyy too hot there! I felt like I never wanted to go outside because it was too hot! I don't have AC at my house and that really isn't that uncommon around here but everywhere I went in Texas they had AC. I just don't know if I could live like that-inside all the time. I guess maybe if I grew up there or stayed there for a while I'd get used to it-but I definitely prefer NYS summertimes over Texas ones! I also like the winter but sometimes I think we see too much of it up here. I really don;t mind the weather here-I think it's just right for my taste!

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