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What character in a book can you connect with or relate to the most?

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  • I like Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman. Everyone is Willy Loman--just stressed to death all the time.
  •  My answer would have to be Ponyboy Curtis of "The Outsiders" and not because I have read the book so many times. But because he is both tough, and gentle. Not affraid to show his age.
  • Холден Колфилд
  • If anyone hasn't read Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block... FOR SHAME. Run, don't walk to the nearest fiction retail store and buy it.  Weetzie Bat the main charecter is an exaggerated version of me. Basically everything I strive to be as a human.  She's lives in this fantasy world of amazing... realness.  I am all for apprecitating everything around me.  EVERYTHING. Including things most people take for granted.  Life is better when you can get excited over simple things. It keeps you suprized all day. Anyways. That book is a must read. I get all my sunnyness from Weetzie.
  •   I relate myself with Emily in mohsin hamid's 2nd novel  the reluctant fundamentalist. Probably the frustrations that happened in her life connects with the one i see in mine.
  •  calvin from calvin n hobbes...
    coz he thinks his life sucks and talks to hobbes, his stuffed tiger...
  •  С Марлой Зингер-героиней "БОЙЦОВСКОГО КЛУБА" Чака Паланика.
  • Dolores Price from "She's Come Undone" I can relate to in several ways, but I'll keep those to myself :P
  •  My fictional counterpart would have to be...Bella Swan from the Twilight series.
    I love her. She is just so clumsy [just like me. I sprained my ankle yesterday] and she's absolutely horrible at gym class.
    She's just a [semi]ordinary girl who has found the love of her life. That's not me, I haven't had many relationships in my life, like Bella, but I do hope fervently to find my own love one day, Just like Bella and Edward, and their unbreakable bond.
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