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A Tip About Tipping

What's your method for calculating a tip?

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  • 1. Calculate 10 percent of total bill. 2. Now double it. 3. And, if you spend 3 hours at Olive Garden talking to a friend and they close the place down on you, add another $5.00 to that even if the kind waitress tells you not to.
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  • Simple rule of the Latin world- 0-10% if service was below average; 15% if it was good; go beyond the 15% and give a very kind word if the service was formidable.
  • 10% после 1000 рублей=)
  • We don't really do the whole tipping thing in Australia. Some places have a tip jar and I'll normally just empty my shrapnel out into that. 

    But yea, Aussies don't tip.
  • I round the amount to the nearest dollar, take 10% of that, then round to nearest dollar again. Then add any chang to even out the amount. This always gives you about a 13% tip.
    example: say the bill came to 25.67. I round that to $26.00. 10% of 26 is 2.6. I then round up agin to $3. I add 33 cents to the $3 to even out the total bill to $29 dollars.

  • Adding the numbers of the coins in my hand? Maybe thinking to be nicer next time to get more ... maybe
  • I start out with ten possible dollars, then dock or give money for how long service takes, the waiter's attentiveness, etc.
  • Service is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 if I am alone... it works like this: Service is a 6, I give $6; service is a 10 I give $10. It gets complicated when multiple people are eating with me. Ok, So, let's say there are a total of two people eating at my table, here's the equation: M = Me G = Guest S = Service [1 to 10] T = Tip T = S + (M + G)2 So, if the service was a 6 and I'm with another person, then I give a $10 If service was a 10, I give $14. It averages out to be a little better than 30%, but usually less than 50% of the bill at a service of 10, depending on what we order. Sidenote: If alcoholic drinks are ordered, then there is a $2 TPD [Tip Per Drink] on top of the above equation.
  • Well, the short answer is, that i have a thing in my wallet that calculates 15% and 20% tip for every dollar. I normally look at the 15%. If the service was good, i round to the next dollar up, if the service was particularly bad then i round down. i do this for a few reasons. The primary reason is because i dont want to have to do too much math. i know. thats a very silly reason, but i hate math with a passion, and if i can avoid doing it, i will. The secondary reason is because that makes me a great tipper, and i know that being a waiter or waitress really sucks and depends heavily on your tips, so i try to help out the best i can. If i round down though, that makes me a terrible tipper, but at least i'm tipping period. i could just not tip, and there have been times when i really shouldn'tve tipped them, but knowing what i know about being a waiter/waitress i just tip really badly. It's subtle enough without being cruel.
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