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Writer's Block

Passing Time

When you're stuck in a boring class or meeting, what's your favorite way to keep yourself entertained (or at least from falling asleep)?

Answers (223)

  • I always try my best to pay attention [except when it comes to math] but when I find that I'm unable to that's when I begin to think about what should happen next in one of my stories.  Or it's also a time where I get inspired to work on an entirely new story.  It really depends on my plot bunnies and what their mood is.
  • Uh... I don't?

    Sleep is good

  • oh shuksss..... i most likey do my nails....well paint 'em.
    Until some douche says the smell bothers him/her.
    Then i would doodle or scribble on my paper or write something on my had and of course make a small star on my wrist.
    ( i want a tattoo there. ) then i guess i daydream or think in advance what i can do or what i have to do this week and after school.
    then idk...but i never fall asleep.
    rarely though.
    i usually doze offff.......

  • I usually write down the lyrics of my favourite song, Write a new story, or else work on one that's already in progress! Always helps the time pass :P
  • Picture the professor as one of those Hawaiian bobble heads with grass skirts, coconut bra and such.

  • well... i tend to stare at something really hard until i'm no longer actually 'seeing' the thing i'm staring at. then my mind will drift and i can think of anything~like make up a short story or scenario and play it out in my head. or play 20 questions by myself... but that's usually the last option..

    it's sort of like day dreaming but on a different level.

  • Thinking about fanfiction, plots for stories, things that could happen in my stories, Marik (lol) and life in general.
  • i doodle and tap my pencil...at my classmates' expense :P not really, i do it quietly.
  • When I am in class, like I am in now...., I usually just write or read something. But it is very hard. Honestly I am falling asleep right now. But anyway... I write in long periods of time. Usually for some of the stories I post online or write poetry which I hardly do at all anymore.
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