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Deal or No Deal

What's on your list of dealbreakers when it comes to romantic relationships?

Answers (207)

  • Kids. I don't date single moms. Don't need the drama, and not interested in taking care of them. Also, previous baggage from another relationship. 100% drama intolerant.
  • Smoking, Drinking, but most of all, KIDS! Don't date single moms. Don't want to be baby daddy or anything.
  • Drinking, vaping, smoking, jealous/possessive, clinging personality, religious nutcase, someone who wants a person to conform to their standards, prude behavior, controlling attitude, kids (has or wants), someone who is desperate to be in relationship. These are SOME of my deal breakers.
  • 1. Heavy-drinker - I don't drink or really like the social-culture of drinking all that much, so it would be a bad match. 2. Hates dogs - I'd feel weird not ever having a dog in the family. 3. Non-Christian - It wouldn't be the same not being to pray together/share one's faith. 4. Pro-choice - Too much difference in beliefs there. That's about it, I think.
  • I have several. 1. "There are many paths to God." If I hear her say anything close to this, or hear her even suggest that you can go to heaven without Jesus, that's it. Bye. If she is also Catholic, bye times two. If she's also Hawaiian, why are we even standing in the same room? 2. If I ask what her favorite book is, and she doesn't even have to think before saying "The bible." Or "gospel music" when I ask what kind of music she likes. Yes, #1 may rule out 50%-80% of the eligible females within a 50 mile radius of my house, but that doesn't mean I like to sit in an empty room reading nothing but the bible and Mary Worth (http://www.furnation.com/akktri/Gardenia104.html), and eating nothing but white bread with mayonaise on it. When I get snap answers like that, I suspect they're in a cult. The bible is my favorite book in the way the dictionary is my favorite book. It's a valuable resource for my day to day needs, not something I sit down and read for fun (like Frank Herbert's Dune, for example). 3. "My church just held its first gay marriage!" Good bye! (Unless your next sentence is "I'm looking for another place of worship. How about your church?" Or something equivalent.) 4. If she has ever spent more than ten minutes arguing with a phone rep about clothing. I don't particularly savor the idea of being grabbed by the genitals and forced to demand, on her behalf, that a free pair of $200 shoes be expedited to the house for free because Miss Lovely was too dumb to know that nobody delivers on Saturdays and the party is tomorrow. Your tight pants may be saying yes, but your crummy attitude is saying hell no.

  • here goes some
    Hairy Arm Pits or Legs
    Dirty tacky shoes
    Lack of self awareness
    Feckless or Reckless
    Lots of Fat
    Not sexy or lacking Chemistry
    Mean un-supportive family that's always around
    Any girl that's taller or as tall as me (6')
    Fake breasts
    No Breasts
    Too bisexual. Fantasy and maybe some experimentation - fine.  Getting turned on by other girls is forgivable, maybe even sexy sometimes; however, being bisexual enough to have it define or effect your lifestyle at all, breaks the deal for me. I love bisexual girls as friends, but have never known one that remained faithful in a relationship or marriage.
    Too much screaming and fighting.

  • Bigotry, Self Righteousness, Racism, Smoking, Alcoholism (not merely drinking), Morbid Obesity (not merely overweight), Anorexia (not merely skinny), Homophobia, Disloyalty, Dishonesty, Neglect.

    Forget the list: basically I cant stand behaviour that stems from someone not willing to give themselves and those around them a minimal level of respect.  Treat people like you would want treated and treat yourself good too.  Take responsibility for your actions and dont try to place blame.  Be loyal to your significant other in more ways than just sexually faithful.  My post on Monogamy pretty much sums up the qualities I think are needed to make a relationship work.  Without those tis doomed to fail.

  • Not dancing! I'm telling Tommy to go dance with Tracy because she just out there by herself, and Tommy goes, "Where's her boyfriend?"

    Is that really shallow? I just couldn't stand it if my guy wouldn't dance. Or sing for that matter. It really bugs me. If were just in the car or something and people don't sing because they don't have a good voice. That is so not the point! Were not on American Idol or anything, you couldn't be worse than I am! I want a boy to serenade me.
  • Разгадка:)
  • thanks Ami! deal breakers? jobless. moneyless. un-educated. vices. over the weight limit. to short (or tall) to ride this ride. uncalled for rudeness. uncalled for name calling. if you stress over the smallest of the small, and it turns into a big hassle, your not for me. you need a plan if you wanna be with me. you need a goals. i'm attracted to smart, intelligent, educated girls. i like girls who arent bound by drugs or alcohol...but can relax and do them here and there. some1 who smiles alot. some1 who doesnt stress about shit that doesnt matter. i like a girl who has a good head on her shoulders, and a vision of what she would like her life to be like when she's older. i want a girl who is not scared to work hard and bust her ass. i like sweethearts. i like girls who are nice to every1, even if they dont particularly like some1. i like a girl who has a good sense of herself. i like a girl who can dress well for any occasion....cuz ya know i'm a pretty boy and i put thought into what i wear and where i wear it to. i also like girls who are blond, skinny, cute, and like to have sex. g1 if you wanna chill. *bling*
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