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Writer's Block


What quality do you think is most important in a significant other?

Answers (221)

  • Well, for one thing, a person who can be independent, as in not be clingy. Security. I can't stand jealousy and possessiveness in a partner. Someone who DOESN'T, I repeat DOESN'T have or want kids. (I find pregnant women incredibly disgusting.) Someone who will allow me to be myself and respect my space. There are more, but for now, these are the top.
  • Верность

  • Kindness.

    What is desirable in a man is his kindness. Proverbs 19:22
  • Truth. Honesty. Sincerity. No lies. Love. Compassion. Sympathy. I realize that's not one quality, but I could go on forever so consider that short.
  • Mutual Appreciation.  By that I mean you do things for each other, unasked, and unexpecting anything in return.  And when your significant other does something for you, you let them KNOW how much it means to you.  Those little things are undescribably important to keeping your feelings for each other fresh, for building trust and respect, for just letting the person you care for understand how MUCH you care for them.  Humans need to be needed.
  • that they appreciate what you do and say it and that you appreciate what they do and say it.
  • Someone who makes your heart skip a beat even if youve been together for a long amount time...
  • Trust.
  • An understanding that nothing and no one stays the same. Sometimes one gives more than the other. Sometimes we are asked to be more than we think we are or ever could be. Patience is second only to an understanding spirit. A life lived together will be as an ocean. The water of life will ebb bringing disappointment, sadness, frustration, then flow with happiness, satisfaction, joy, and laughter. At the core of the relationship, just as the deep ocean, lies consistantcy, stability, calm.
  • Hmm, well I don't care about looks, I just really want someone to love & care about me just as much as I do for them.
    I want them to be genuine, loving guys.
    Kinda what every decent girl wants, really.
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