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Writer's Block


What's the story behind your username?

Answers (242)

  • Hmmm, the story behind my username, that's a good one.
    It's actually a bit of lyrics from the song "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who.
    It says"No one knows what it's like / To be the bad man / To be the the sad man / Behind blue eyes / No one knows what it's like/ To be hated / To be fated / To telling only lies / But my dreams / they aren't as empty / as my conscience seems to be / I have hours, only lonely / My love is for vengeance / that's never free / No one knows what it's like / To feel these things / Like I do / and I blame you / No one bites back as hard / on their anger / None of my pain and woe / can show through... " 

    I just thought that the lyrics to the song, the bits about "dreams aren't as empty", "...my love is for vengeance", and "behind blue eyes" fit me really really well. The lyrics (especially the "but my dreams they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be") really ring true to my dreams of grandeur, while as my conscience seems to be empty capturing my bipolar and aspergers. 
    And "blue eyes" was something that stood out since I have blue eyes. I also added angel to my username because I think it adds an element of my star tendencies. 

    Here's a link to the actual song, for anyone that's interested:

  • I am a Trekey and I am from the US.
  • I'll start with a lie so ridiculous that many people will believe it, then end with the truth, which most people will choose to ignore because, hey, that's how people are programmed by our inferior educational system. Lemmon was (may still be, so far as I know) one of the companies that made Methaqualone, better known as quaaludes, a drug generally available from illegal sources and popular for purposes of abuse. They were called "lemmons" in street slang because they had the manufacturer's name on them. I've never taken one, but I believe they are some sort of tranquilizer that kind of messes with your brain before putting you to sleep. "Zine" is short for magazine, and comes from the world of fanzines, particularly (for me) fanzines produced by science fiction fandom. For some time, I was what is known as an "apahack" until the world of apazines was slowly replaced by blogging. So, "Lemmozine," for me, means a zine that will mess with your head and then put you to sleep. Second lie: It's a combination of lemon juice, zine and gasoline, so it's a zine that's acerbic, inflammatory, and has fuel that will take you to places you don't always want to go to. The truth: It derives from my blues name, Blind Lemming Chiffon, combined with a pun on limousine, plus the added Z for zine, meaning it's a vehicle of luxurious transportation for self destructive Norwegian rodents who sing the blues and write fanzines.
  • I have written about this before. It is a medium to long story with many parts to it... one part I'm not sure if I mentioned before is that I wanted my name to be a fairly unique string of characters that could be used by a search engine to locate my trail on the 'net. I came up with this idea in the early 90s or maybe even the late 80s when I was just a little kid and the 'net was young and small. It worked pretty well, just do a google or yahoo search for "sighris" and see some of the trail which I have left. Namaste, Sighris

  • i used to think it meant 'the flapping of a bird's wing'. it's actually the part of an airplane wing that creates lift or drag depending on what the pilot wants. i chose it because pretty much no one else uses this romanization...so if you google this word, you'll find me :)
  • I used to take Shaolin Chen Shuan before I became too busy. Back then I used to be so annoyed because every name I ever wanted to use was taken and I hate using things like numbers. So I decided on trying Shaolina and in most sites that name isn't taken. Of course during the years other people have started to use the name too. In twitter there was already a Shaolina and I had to add the Miss_ in front of it.

  • If you look at my username as a puzzle you have to solve, you will be able to solve it easily.

  • Have you ever Googled something without thinking? I do it sometimes when my younger brother is peering over my shoulder at what I'm looking at. Boom- suddenly on a new tab I'll type the first phrase that comes to mind. In that case, it was "Happy duck". The most adorable picture came up of a duck whose beak was parted in a joyous smile. I couldn't think of a good username and I typed without properly thinking. "Happy_duck" was taken, so I just added an S. Silly story, right?

  • It's simple i guess.. "atieh" was actually my nicknamed given by my cousin n now almost all of my closest friend actually called me with this.. "mbem" was some cutest way of saying "tembem" that means "chubby cheeks" ,my bf always called me with this, i guess now he almost never called me with my real names *giggles* 
  • The first two letters of my name and part of my address. I have to make things like user names and passwords, things that I can remember.
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