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Describe your morning routine.

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  • Depends on the day of the week, but usually I get up, take my dog out, get the paper, and then have me coffee, and work promoting my shit on here, and then check my sites for mail, and if it is one or two days where I baby sit, make something for me niece, and then go baby sit her. Other days, I go to the gym after breakfast, and then go to the library to get things, or look at things, and depending on, just go from there.
  • Wake up around 6:45, hit my snooze about a million times. Call Dylan's lazy ass to wake him up. Make sure he gets up to get his shower, yeah I know. I'm pretty much his mother in the morning :p Then I just put on some awesome clothes that obligate to the school uniform 'code' thing. Straighten my hair in like .2 seconds, and throw some makeup on. Then, off to wonderful pittston area.


  • и вот сижу я на берегу моря....уплетаю шоколадные конфеты...мягкий шум прибоя..ненавязчивый крик чаек...и тут..БЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЗЗЗЗЗЗЭЖЖЖЖЖЖЖ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Будильник звенит с минуту,выключаестя и я опять оказываюсь на побережье...))и снова ...БББББЗЗЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗ!!!!!!!! Я выключаю этот назойливый телефон.07:00. встаю с кровати и тащусь в ванную.с зыкрытыми глазами чищу зубы...возвращаюсь,в комнату(по пути включаю чайник),сгоняю с кровати кошку,нагло развалиышуюся на моей подушечке с лекарственными травами(для приятного,спокойного сна),застилаю слой за слоем свою постель. на кухне суета.все собираются куда-то,родители на работу,брат в школу,кошка ломится в закрытую форточку. пью утренний чай с какой-нибудь сладостью....)) затем следует укладка волос в достойную прическу,дневной макияж,подбирание кофточки к штанам. 08:25.Мама: - ты еще не ушла??у тебя же урок в 8:30 начинается!!!прогульщица,иди учись! на самом деле был еще урок в 7:30,но зачем маме об этом знать?меньше знаешь - крепче спишь.для мамы это полезно) когда образ закончен и нанесе последний штрих губной помадой ,можно отправляться в школу!!!!
  • 4:30 - sleep 5:00 - sleep 5:30 - alarm wakes me up, hit snooze 5:35 - alarm starts up again, finally turns off. 6:00 - sleep 6:30 - sleep, let cats out of my room. 7:00 - sleep, mom leaves for work. 7:30 - sleep, cats want back in. 8:00 - sleep 8:30 - sleep 9:00 - wake up, make coffee. watch Maury. 9:30 - have coffee and cereal. continue watching Maury. 10:00 - watch Tyra. 10:30 - continue watching Tyra. 11:00 - sleep 11:30 - wake up again, do some chores. 12:00 - lunch. and that's my morning.
  • my morning routine, I have a routine? OMG! Why is this the first time I've heard of it? XD
    Um, if  by 'morning routine' we mean, rolling out of bed 1 minute before my alarm clock goes off, taking a shower, getting ready and leaving, then that's my routine, unless it's a weekend ... then the routine is, sleep as long as possible, pull the pillow over my head and block out all light, ignore any sounds coming from any of the other apartments, and then eventually give up on sleep and go read a book or watch tv... pretty boring really.

  • 6:30 alarm goes off 6.45 alarm goes off again 7am alarm goes off once more, forcing me to actually get up. Freezing cold shower, the hunt for my ID badge, down a pint of milk, find shoes, find bag, jump in car, forget phone halfway down the road, drive back, get phone, drive to work, dump car in disabled parking spots, arrive late in office, attend bed meeting & handover, bedstates, admissions, rant about what hasnt been done, cup of coffee. Pretty hectic starts.
  • well i get up at 6:30AM and i walk into the bathroom then back out then back in and i take a pee then i walk back out then i walk in again then i take a shower and i go in my room blast my music put on my PJs then do my make up and then put my clothes on im going to wear for the day then i do my hair and mostly like the power goes out bacause u have to many things on at once. Then i put my uggs on and then i get my binder and walk up stairs look fo rfood but i never find any then i go outside in my moms car wait for her for about 4 to 5 min and then she  takes me to school and i sit in boring classes all day long till about 2:22PM
  • 1) Wake up to obnoxious alarm clock.
    2) Hit snooze button...go back to sleep.
    3) Hit snooze again...and go back to sleep.
    4) Hit snooze again and lounge for a half hour.
    5) Get up and take 45 minutes to get dressed.
    6) Make self look presentable.
    7) Get the fuck out of the house and rush to class/work!!!
  • Describe my morning routine? Okay.

    I usually wake up at 6am, go back to bed, wake up at 6:30am, fall lightly asleep until 7am. Don't ask why. From there, I sleep for five or ten minutes, before finally getting up. I brush my hair, put in my contact lenses, get dressed. Make sure I've got everything I need for the day, pick up my bag and go downstairs. At ca. 15-20 past 7 I eat breakfast, go brush my teeth and usually it's about 7:30 when I go into the living room, throw myself onto the couch, on the stomach, and fall asleep until five minutes to 8. Then I walk to school, which starts at 8:20.


    That's about it.

  • Wow. I've chosen a super exciting one here, but i just thought i'd share with you all what exactly it is that i get up to on a regular schoolday morning. Okay, so around 5.30am my alarm sets itself off. Normally, i'll hop straight out of bed and head to the bathroom...but if im having one of "those" days, i'll ignore it until my mom yells through the wall to tell me to get up. In the bathroom, i shower and wash my hair (yes, im one of those girls that washes it every single day) and do all the other shizzle you do in the morning. Then, i'll saunter back through to my room and watch television whilst i blowdry&straighten my hair. After that, i'll apply some subtle makeup (i'm not a fan on overdoing it, less is more). I'll then decide what i'm wearing to school for that day, change, and add any much-needed accesories to the mixx. Normally, its about 6.35am by now, and then i'll make my way downstairs to grab a light breakfast. I feed rambo<3 (my cat!) and then leave the house for 6.45am. It's a five or so minute walk to my bus-stop, and my bus comes at around 6.55. It takes around 20 minutes to get into the centre of town, and i catch a subsequent bus in the city-centre at around 7.20am. That gets me to school for around 7.35am (:


    .... and then it's merely a case of catching up with any homework i failed to do the night before.

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