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If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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  • away from you. But seriously, maybe Wyoming, or Nevada again, or Nebraska. I saw the Wyoming tourism board magazine, and it seems pretty interesting.
  • I saw this "dream trip" question thingie and couldn't resist.
    It's very me.

    I love traveling. I really wish I could do more of it since I suffer from severe wanderlust natures, but I've never really had the time or money to really do much of it, though if I could I'd disappear somewhere for a weekend at least once a month (maybe even longer).

    But if I could go anywhere in the world?
    I'd love to go backpacking across Europe, though it's wicked expensive, but it looks amazing, sounds amazing, and I really want to see a musical on the London stage :)
    ...plus the accents are wicked amazing. A lot of my friends are also over there, so I'd love to have a chance to actually like meet them or see them at some point.

    Sorry, I'm a loser for answering this. But no one probably cares enough to read this anyway XD

  • japan, england, thailand

  • To Korea :D (Stalk Kpop Celebs) :P
  • korea
  • I would go to a place where it was completely vacant of humans.
    There would be no human's for miles around, there would be no human structures.
    What would exist would be peace and tranquility and a sense of relaxation. What would exist would be me and you and I would never tire of you. What would exist is all the beautiful things around us and we would just stare and stare until our eyes would lazily roll out of our heads on to the ground below us. The atmosphere would be immaculate. We wouldn't take the things around us for granted. We would absorb them and not ignore them.
    I would go to a place where I wouldn't have to miss you all the time or wish that these things were possible.
  • If I could travel anywhere in the world, (or out of it) I would travel to the space-time continuum HQ on the USS Enterprise several hundred years in the future, and beg and plead and wail and kick people until they agree to send me back to my time exactly at the end of my Chemistry Provincial.

  • the one and only Paris
  • Japan. I've always been obsessed with their culture. I've been to a lot of places before. London, Paris, Spain etc.. I want to travel outside of Europe.
  • My best friend from high school bought beachfront property in Costa Rica and is in the process of building a bungalow style hotel... so yeah- I want to go there because it is actually going to be possible within a few years. ...but if I chose anywhere, it'd be Paris.
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