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Do you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia or know anyone who does?

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  • I don't believe in that kind of thing.
  • I don't really pay much attention to that, to be totally honest. For some, it is bad luck, for others it isn't. To each their own.
  • No... On the contrary, I believe Friday the 13th to be one of my luckiest days...

  • I dont suffer from a fear of friday the 13th, I actually have good luck on that day.

    But I do know a few people who really don't like that day because they're really superstitious(sp?). Even in my family there are some like that.
    And is that the longest word in the dictionary? Because it seems like it to me... that or antidisestablishmentarianism. I think the 2nd one...

  • Nope, not at all. i actually seem to have Good luck on that day.
  • Nope. Neither.
  • I am the complete opposite. I love Friday the 13th. There's another one coming up soon! This past one, I loved it so much I forgot about Valentine's Day (not that I need to remember it anyway). Friday the 13th is just like another Halloween. Kinda.


  • i don't have a big fear just a small one that something will happen to me on that day, there is 2 friday the 13'ths this yr
  • HAHAHAHA!  Oh my gosh, they made a WORD for that?!  Well, I for one know that I'm not afraid of Friday the 13th... and I'm not sure if I can name names when it comes to people that are.  I'm sure I see them every day, but I don't know specifics.  I haven't ever really been supersticious... I don't even think about it, much less worry about it.  I do find it funny that Friday the 13th fell on the day before Valentine's day this year, though. XD
  • No and mom.
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