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Down on Memory Lane

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Answers (228)

  • My earliest memory is one of the many piggy-back rides my dad would give me. We would walk around the neighborhood like that and stop to talk to passerbys. Looking back, I think part of the reason he did that ws because he liked to show off a bit.
  • I was maybe four and a half, in kindergarden. My dad was working for Keebler at the time doing deliveries. I remember him taking me with him on a haul and then being late to class. The teacher, Mrs. Eshelmann, started to get upset and lecture my dad, but he went out to the semi and came back with boxes of graham crackers and cookies- enough for a month of snack times. I was excused from the tardy. It's the earliest coherent memory I have... :-)
  • Well. One's quite disturbing. So I won't even allow it to linger
    inside my mind.
    I would have to say...my 5th birthday. No, West Virginia.
    No, I got it.
    When I was about 2, I loved to play checkers. Adored it.
    So, one night, my mother put me, complaining and fidgeting,
    in my crib, to go to sleep.
    Me, being the rebellious child even in my early years,
    climbed out of the crib, and joined my father in his playing checkers
    and beer drinking.
    My mom put me back inside my crib, with me throwing a hissy fit.
    This pattern continued the whole night.
  •      I remember being in a church nursery as a toddler. My family didn't start attending our current church until I was six; so I'm not sure which church this was. This particular nursery had cribs built into cubby holes in one of the walls. There were several rowsof them, and they had gates on the front to keep the babies from falling. I was too big to sleep in the cribs, but I stil fit inside them. I remember I used to use them to play zoo with my dad when he came to get me after the service. He would put me in one of the cribs on the top row so I could pretend tobe an animal in the zoo. He would pretend to visit the zoo.
  • seas of brown golden grass soround me a giant blue house is high above my head stormy stands overme my silent gard i watch as my brother is swolowed by the big house then i am releved when he comes back out i gigele and flop onto my back to look up at the blue sky tainted with puffey whight cloudes
  • A bomb goıng off at the polıce statıon near my house.
  • sitting in a highchair eating oatmeal while my sister and me watched something on tv
  • I'll never forget this because I think about it when I have to write some sort of essay about this kind of crap or when my friends and I reminsince about our younger days. It was when I was in Acadamy school and this girl and I were the best of friends. Well we acted like it and our class had a trip to the pool. We were mad at each other for some dumb reason and our teacher had stuck us together as buddies for the day. Well once we arrive to the school, we had to hold hands so we wouldn't fall in the pool and hurt ourselves. I was at the edge of where the water was and she was on the safe side :D we kept pushing each other with our hands still attatched and I almost feel in because she nudged me hard. I told her that i'd take her down with me if she tried to drown me :D the first chance i got, she tried to push me and i let her hand go, her ass fell right in and i left her ass in the pool.
    mean? yeah, but we're still good friends :D

  • I was two I remeber playing outside on a tree ,uh, more like hanging on a tree but either way. I guess( I don't remeber saying this part) I asked my older sister ( who had come to get me to go inside) to push me, so, she grab my legs and swung me. I let go!!! Ended up with two black eyes and a broke nose. Nice first mermory huh.
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