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Top Five Video Games

What's on your Top 5 video games list?

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  • 5) Baseball
    This was a rinky dinky old NES game that was every definition of the word "basic." However, if I told you how many countless hours my friend and I had playing this game growing up, you'd probably shake your head.

    4) Harvest Moon 64
    There are other games that I spent more time playing, but it's hard to argue that any other game has ever been as important in my life as this one. It opened a strong talking point with Christine, and gave me an excuse to invite myself over to her house :) It's also a fabulous game, though I admit I haven't played any other Harvest Moon's, this was one of the last titles I got for the N64 (well, before raiding used bins later in life) and I have lots of fond memories of playing this on snowy nights.

    3) The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
    This game was my obsession in 8th grade. I played this thoroughly and constantly. It was one of those games that after I finished it on a Saturday afternoon, I felt accomplished, but also sad that it was over. I've played many Zelda games, but this one is my favorite.

    2) Wrestlemania 2000.
    This was more or less the only game I played at home throughout the year 2000. The story mode, create-a-wrestlers, and playing against friends all made for a killer title. Also, the play control was absolutely flawless, and it captured the fun and excitement of that era in professional wrestling. More people liked the follow-up to this  game, No Mercy, better. It was a technically better game, I suppose, but when I think back to the N64 and wrestling games, I think of Wrestlemania 2000 first.

    1) Super Mario Bros. 3. 
    I can't even begin to tell you how much time I spent playing this as a kid. I knew how to warp to the end of the game, but I would spend an entire afternoon playing through the entire game anyhow, just because I enjoyed it. All the different worlds, power ups, and enemies to fight were enthralling and at one point I wanted to design my own video game (that would have completely ripped this one off).
  • 1. Earthbound 2. Sims/Sim City 3. Final Fantasy 7 4. Soul Callibur 4 5. Crazy Taxi
  • 1. Final Fantasy X
    2. Final Fantasy X-2
    3. Final Fantasy 8
    4. Sims (2, pets, urbz, bustin out..(depends on my mood)
    5. Resident Evil
  • StarCraft Final Fantasy 6 Gears of War Tetris Mario Party
  •     My top 5 video games are Super Mario World, The Sims 2(PC), Harvest Moon (Girl versions), Star Ocean 2: The Second Story, and Sailor Moon: Another Story RPG.
  • Not really a Top 5 list. Games I've most liked are...
    - Quake (I, II, III and IV)
    - Doom (all its incarnations)
    - Final Fantasy VII
    - Resident Evil (especially 3)
    - The Sims

  • Shadow of the Colossus Doom X-Wing/Tie Fighter Stunts Grim Fandango It's tough to not include Katamari Damacy, FFVII, Chrono Trigger, DOTT, Okami, Lego Star Wars, Simcity and Simcity 2000, SMB3, Full Throttle, and at least a dozen others. How about epic pinball, gateway, gobliiins, the incredible machine, tempest 2000.... those were all amazing games I spent HOURS on. Too hard.
  •  (1) Guitar Hero 2 & 3 (PS2)
    (2) Animal Crossing Wild World (DS)
    (3) MySims (DS)
    (4) Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube)
    (5) Mario 64 (Nintendo64)
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