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The boogeyman, global thermonuclear war, being forced to eat broccoli—there's a lot to be afraid of when you're a kid. What was your biggest childhood fear?

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  • The inability to never overdose on Marazine Hcl. is by far MY biggest fear.
  • Айсберг в море -  и я качусь с него в бездну.  Это сон, часто повторяющийся. Поэтому самый большой страх - уход в небытие. Зачем мы все живём? Сколько же имён великих В пыли веков пропало! Что великих, что безликих -  Земля глотать устала! Так что всякие там бойни США и Ирака и прочее - ерунда. Ни левых, ни правых не будет, всё суета сует. Творец! Зачем душе метаться, Задавать в никуда вопросы? Лучше с юной листвой шептаться И бродить по прохладным росам!
  • As a child i really did have an overactive imagination, but most of it was things that my head created. Even now I am freaked out by the things that come out of her. But some actual things that are real that I was afraid of, were new foods, i think it was because i was afraid that i would get poisoned by something I didnt like... another thing was children with red eyes and white hair. (now its one of my fave qualities for characters) Due to the movie "Village of the Damned" (In which as a child i couldnt watch it all but watched it later when older and laughed at myself)...  the last thing I can think of that honestly scared me was not even being alone in the house when my mom went to work when i was only 11 years old.... but it was being involved in an accident and dying and having her find my body... or vice-versa. her dying in her sleep and me finding her body...
    something about that even bother's me now...

  • my mother...
  • Fear itself 0.o

    Just kidding. :P

    Thanks to my father freaking me out with stories of giant squid and sharks, I was seriously scared of water. I could take a shower and such, but that was it. Going swimming at the pool or the beach was out of the question. Sounds stupid, I know.
  • When I was little, i was afraid that there was a body buried in my backyard, and if I went out to play, it would pop up and eat me or some shit.


    I was actually afraid of a lot of things, and i still am, and some fears make no sense.

    i'm afraid of large bodies of water, spiders, needles,[which is weird, because i want a tattoo badly], flying, clowns, tiny spaces, crowded places, and the sewers.

    Yeah, I'm odd.

    Also, there was this one episode of Rugrats, that used to scare the shit out of me. It was something like Chuckie had this monster under his bed that was big and green and had scary eyes and teeth and in the beginning Angelica tells him this story about a little boy who got sucked down the bathtub drain and Idk why, but that whole episode scared the hell out of me o.o  And then at the end  his monster turned out to be a green sweater under there, but it still scared me.
  • That dinosaurs were going to reappear and come to my house to get me. I should have never watched The Jurassic Park collection growing up. I blame my little brother.
  • I was always afraid to go to hell for being a bad person. Or becoming homeless because I read a prayer my mother left in her bible praying to God we wouldnt loose our home. We did. I lived through it though.
  • он сохранился у меня и по  сей день..я с глубокого детства боюсь одну самую наимерзейшую живность... не поверите но.. да, это большие комары. балерины или как их там еще называют, они ОТВРАТИТЕЛЬНЫ!! это длинные тонкие ножки, крылья..фуууууууууууу!!!!! я даже не боюсь их, я их панически, безумно боюсь! увидев или услышав их(а какие звуки они издают при полете я различу везде) я бросаю все и вся и начинаю бежать сломя голову и вопить.. это смешно конечно, но впрочем.. что поделать)
  • I was prompted to do this because Rae answered it. And my answer is more absurd? Or appropriate, I don't know. When I was three or four my dad shaved off his mustache. He came in the front room and I FLIPPED OUT. I screamed over and over, backed away, climbed into a cardboard box that was nearby. I was terrified of him. I don't know what I thought, maybe that he was a stranger. I distinctly remember looking up at him from inside that box and screaming, kicking, whatever at him as he leaned in, laughing, trying to give me a hug. I don't know if I'd call that my biggest childhood fear, but you know. Apparently I've always been a tad melodramatic. I was also afraid of caterpillars (I'm making a piece about that for my thesis) and monsters under my bed or in the toilet. I used to lay on my side in the center of my bed because I thought that meant the monsters' arms couldn't reach me. I'd hover above the toilet seat or pick my tush up and check periodically that there were no hands reaching for me. Weird? I know.
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