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What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?

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  • There's an ad on tv for a company called AMY. Their jingle is "Lucky you're with AMY" So the line was.
    "Hi, I'm lucky, are you Amy?"
    This was used on me by a 30 year old at a footy game

  • When I stare into your cleavage, my penis enlarges.
  • Actually... I don't think I've ever had a pickup line used on me ^^; but then again I don't hang out at bars which is where I think most pickup lines are used. I did have a guy walk up to me in A&W and ask if he could sit down though, but he wasn't hitting on me (I said yes by the way and we had a nice chat after that). And I did meet Teg the other day who had "I lost my number, could I have yours?" on his shirt though I don't think he wore that just for me, lol.

    Why do guys even need pickup lines? Most of the time they're cliche or stupid and things to roll eyes at. Just say hi, and be honest. I think that's more flattering than a rehearsed pickup line.

    I kind of like "my friend likes you" though, except in a case where his friend likes the girl in question but the wingman is hitting on the girl. If it's true that he's playing wingman, or if he himself is in fact the friend, then I think that's fine - I appreciate honesty, but I know some guys can be shy.
  •  I may have a needle but i move like a sewing machene
    HAHAHA its so crap.
  • "How much does a polar bear weigh? Just enough to break the ice" It made me giggle anyway. (And no, it wasn't aimed at me.)
  •  "Can we have sex later tonight?". o_O;;;
  • Did it hurt, when you feel from heaven?
  • "Hey, does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?"
  • Get in the fucking car or I will stab you. repeatedly.
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