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Do you ever go out to dinner (at a sit-down restaurant) by yourself?

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  • I am not real blogger. I am too lazy. I am totally bored. I love fanfiction and LK and Yugi Oh.

  • No. That's no fun. Everything tastes so much better when you're with a friend.

    "We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink..." ~Epicurus


  • Never have, but I think this question more addresses the notion of wanting to be by yourself and if you are afraid to do it. To this question my answer is also NO. I dream of traveling around the world by myself and getting lost in another culture and meeting new people. I did that often in my trip to San Diego and it was awesome. I went to plenty of "alone" lunches, but my host always came home after 4 so she would insist we get dinner together. I wouldn't forgo company for solitude, but I am comfortable enough to want to be by myself. Maybe it's because I grew up as an only child?
  • Of course!! I always take a book, though. And I will totally stop and buy a book if I don't have one with me in the car. I will buy a book if I have one started but left it sitting at home. I refuse to eat at a restaurant w/o a book in hand. Its just the rule.
  • Бывает. В последнее время довольно часто.

  • Нет, но очень хочу попробовать... ещё чтобы меня сопровождала моя любимая музыка в стиле Trip-Hop

  • Yes. I've never thought there was anything wrong with that.
  • I've gone for lunch at tim horton's and subwayand stuff, and sat down and ate. Never dinner at like a fancy restaraunt but I probably would and not have a problem. I don't mind going out alone.
  • heck yeah i do... its like going to the movies by yourself...

    if you go the restaurant with others you usually choose a meal that wont make you seem disgusting when you eat it, it may not be the thing you want but you are more conscious of how you look while you are eating when someone is with you. i go by myself when i have gone there before and i want to try something that i didn't have before, or when im craving something that i dont usually want to order.

    when you go to the movies by urself you feel more relaxed because you dont have to make comments to the people with you or reply to the people that wont shut up. you focus more on the movie and you can make your own judgements on it instead of being influenced by the reactions of ur friends or date.
  • yes.  If I want a certain dish I totally go get it.  hehe.  I love food just way too much.
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