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Writer's Block


Left Behind

What do you want done with your body after you die?

Answers (254)

  • Probably used for science, or in an unmarked grave somewhere. Who knows.
  • I want it to be used for SCIENCE! I'm certainly not going to need it where I'm going, and if my body helps someone cure some horrible disease, it'll be nice to know I did some good, even after my death. Plus, SCIENCE! is just awesome. :)

  • Закопали и дали отдохнуть
  • I've been telling people since I was about 11 that I'd like a Viking funeral - push me out on a big dragon-headed boat, set it on fire, everyone drink and wench and be merry on the lakeside until the sun comes up or the flames go out, whichever is later. Bonus points if the boat is filled with fireworks. Thus far I've had someone (I think it was ?) offer to shoot the flaming arrow, and Manthing is under strict instructions to make sure I am salted before the burning begins - initially it was just 'burning' I told him to make sure was covered, because in post-apocalyptia a boat might be hard to find but I'm sure as hell not hanging around to become a zombie but hey, being a ghost would also suck. Unfortunately this means I will never get to be a set of fossils on display next to a T-Rex or similarly awesome fossil, but some sacrifices need to be made in the name of not eating my friends' brains. This is of course assuming that the option to have my brain harvested and become a robot isn't available (my inner coggirl loves the idea), in which case we can have the exact same party with the advantage that I will be there to enjoy it. I don't know if's legal to have that done (the Viking funeral, not the brain-harvesting-robot-prototype which I'm 99% sure is me confusing science fiction with reality again) but I sure as hell hope so.
  • I want my ashes scattered in space, preferably shot with some momentum toward the edge of the solar system, so that bits of me can drift around and have an adventure. which direction is Orion? Hopefully some bits end up at one of those stars. But some of them should also be left in Earth's orbit, for perfectly sentimental reasons. Eventually they'll fall back down and maybe escape burning up in the atmosphere.

    That sounds kind of expensive,though, so unless I magically become the Virgin guy, I'll probably have to settle for somebody's mantel.

  • Once I die its no longer my body.  So do whatever you want.  If any of my organs are actually usable give em to someone else.  If they're not give em to a lab to disect and learn WHY they're not usable.  Oh I do have a friend that had been going thru mortuary school (or whatever you call people who work embalming the dead) that I promissed my skull to.  I just hope she has the courtesy to polish it every couple months and keep a pair of sunglasses on it.  All that aside..  FUNERAL PIER !  It truely puts the FUN in funeral.  What better way to tell the recently deceased goodbye than to burn their remains into a fine powder while roasting marshmellows and service cheeseburgers.  And if you think thats morbid then i feel sorry for you.  Cause i REALLY truely honestly would think that is the best way to handle your loss.  By having a party so mutual friends can say goodbye and try to remember what they loved about the person.  For gods sake though DO NOT waste any valuable land space by burying me.  Its flipping lunacy to think we can continually keep taking up ever increasing acres of valuable property because someone is NO LONGER ALIVE.  Dear god the dead dont need land.  They're DEAD !  At a minimum i think there should be a law that says a given grave can only be maintained for someone until their youngest grandchild at the time of their death reaches adulthood.  There is no reasonable purpose for wasting the land any longer than that.  But yeah,  Burn baby Burn !!!
  • Donate part to medicine, part to science, and then cremate the rest.
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