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Have you ever spontaneously hugged someone you didn't know? Or received an unexpected embrace from a stranger?

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  • A couple of times it did happen.

  • Well, if free hug day counts, then most certainly ^^
    Hugs are more awesome on free hug day 8
  • no
  • Hells yeah! Both, actually. The one time it was rad, the other time...awkwaaaaard.
  • I actually have a small story to go with this topic. It was a really hot summer day, and school had just let out for the afternoon. A bunch of people Gathered around the ice cream truck in hopes of getting one of those slushies. I was standing there, when this kid maybe two years younger than me, comes up to me and asks me for a dollar to buy a slush. I had one to spare, so I forked it over. He smiled, and I believe said something along the lines of "Dude, you're the best!!" And then preceded to give me a gigantic hug afterward. One friendly act, can lead to a domino effect. It's so true.
  • hahahaha yes. It was part of a sociological experiment in college, and I nearly got knocked out a couple of times. It was very uncomfortable for me, and I'm sure I looked like a frackin' idiot or something, but I got an A on my paper, so I guess it was worth it? I've never been spontaneously hugged though, which I think is a good thing because I don't really like being touched by people I don't know and have no control over. It freaks me out badly to think about it. It was hard enough doing it to other people, I seriously think I'd go into a fugue state if it happened to me, lol. So, flist, has this ever happened to you?
  • well i don't know if i ever hugged a stranger... my mom says i did when i was a child, i think i used to do more things spontaneously then than i do now, she said i used to hug sad people trying to comfort them
    as for the second one people used to suddenly embrace me when i was a child because i looked cute with my big amber eyes and soft cheeks ... i hated this then i still hate it now :)

  • Yesh to the first one. AT the time he was a complete stranger to me. He's now my BFF. It was funny cause one day When I was getting out of school my friend Joe and I were walking home and he dared me to hug a random person so we run into Johnny and I didn't know him so I ran up and hugged him. Of course my friend joe is laughing and I'm still hugging Johnny. Johnny's face is O__o and he says "I never knew I had this much influence over a girl and I laugh. I look at Joe and say there I did it. Joe said to Johnny "Well Johnny this Deneis she's my random hyper friend who is about as funny as she is evil" I glared at Joe and Johnny just laughed. And that my children is how I meet my best guy friend Johnny. Now the second one happened in Puerto Rico and I was playing volleyball with some of my cousins. The funny thing is the person was a family member I never ever met in my life until now and she was like Awwh you Lula's daughter and I'm like WTF O___o. And she's like I'm your cousin's aunt's cousin. I just kept staring at her and my cousin's were like yeah she isn't lying. I just still had the WTF face but I got over it and continued playing Volleyball XDD
  • YES! Holy woah! There was this guy (cute! by the way) at a marching band competition, from another school. and he has a free hugs sign on his chest. So I most definetly took him up on that offer...it kind of made my day! Lol, even though I looked nasty because I was in a marching uniform about to perform =p. And people at World Changers have given me random hugs before=]
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