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So Long, Farewell

It's the last day in office for George Bush. There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about Bush's legacy. What do you think he will be most remembered for?

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    Probably the shoe he got thrown at his head by that one crazy-ass reporter. I never forgot that. XD

  • hmm... he'll always stay in my mind because of his talent to run down america. AND for the shoe-incident. :D
  • yah, real late but I saw it again and knew it fit
  • Call it "the end of an error" (and no, that is NOT a typo).
  • I think it will take years before Americans acknowledge his presidency as positive or successful. I think he will be remembered for forcing this nation to confront terrorism and renewing our sense of patriotism. Americans lived safely and ignorantly for too many years - taking for granted the liberty they enjoyed on a daily basis. We remained safe from threats or attacks on our soil, and consequently became overly complacent. After 9-11 we have been forced to alter our behavior - not to give in to terrorism, but to be aware and alert that we are not immune to danger. George Bush did not cause 9-11; those terrorists had been plotting and waiting for years, perhaps generations. George Bush responded in the only way they would understand - quickly, decisively, & forcefully. George Bush should, and will, be remembered as a brave leader who stood up to the bullies.
  • For being an illiterate ass who did nothing but fuck over the country. not a fan of bush
  • Let's see...Hmm.
    Hard to choose between single handedly throwing the country in what could be the next Great Depression ( I have no more money for college, damn you Bush!), or putting us through a tiresome and pointless war.
    Or how about having an extremely scary VP.
    I swear that man seems like he wants to take over the world.

  • Being a lazy, unintelligent ass who sat back and stared obliviously into space while the country fucked itself over. And helping out his fat, rich pals and letting the rest of us twist in the wind. Dick.
  • his failures
  • How illiterate he was. lol Sorry not a fan.
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