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Fashion: Spooky Style

Show us the best Halloween costume you saw this year.

Answers (53)

  • I didn't really see many Halloween costumes because I didn't go out but the scariest one has got to be Matt Kennedy's Reno 911 outfit! >_< 
  • Garth and Wayne from Wayne's World the movie.... it was so rad....
  • it would pretty much have to be adam siska as esmarelda the dead transvestite hooker. the stereotypicality of the costume of a 19 year old boy, combined with the creativity and shitty wig makes it reign ultimate... although, michael guy chislett and the simplicity of an australian in a batman costume is pretty funny, too... i wasn't even there... everybody at school was a skanky nurse or something else. lame.
  • Stick Man. Yeah, it was cool.
  • Ohh! The best one I saw this year was a guy wearing a laundry basket over his head, with laundry in it. He called himself 'Your Dirty Laundry.' Me and my friend Mel were Cyberkids. We were so awesome in our cyberkid-glowsticking glory!!! >D
  • A girl dressed as a hippie and another as a tree.
    They would hug each other and say, "A tree-hugging hippie!"

  • There was this girl at my work she dressed up as Johnny Depp and what was spooky was she looked just like him!!!
  • I saw thing one, thing two, and cat in the hat, and they all looked amazing. I just wish I coulda seen soeone be the king. . tried to talk vance into it.
  •  I liked Jill's Hunter S Thompson get up. The joker, too.
  • I can't show it, but probably the best for humor value was the one my Physics classmate wore. A Mrs. Potts costume, from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I guess I'll go find a picture.

    Mrs Potts costume Seriosly. It was amazing. He wore pink tights. And the costume was actually pretty large on him, so when he turned around it would poke into stuff. Of course, everyone had to grab the handle and pretend to pour something out of the spout, or start randomly singing "I'm a Little Teapot" to him. Everyone was laughing at him all day, but it was the best costume I've ever seen.

    Since I worked at a haunted house, I also got to see some good costumes there. The haunted house has been up for a long time, and "the chainsaw guy" had some awesome liquid latex on his face. He had random shards of glass, pencil parts, and toothpicks sticking out of his face. One almost-full-length pencil was sticking out of his forehead like a unicorn horn.

    I thought my zombie costume was pretty awesome too. I bought the generic zombie costume at work, with the exposed chest bones, guts, forearms, knee, and thigh. I got one of my dad's old long-sleeved work shirts and cut open the parts that were exposed. I painted it with acrylic paint to look like dried blood. One day, I put acrylic paint and glue in my hair to make it look bloody and matted. The other two days I just put hairspray and silver temporary dye in it. My makeup was pale face, black lipstick, blood dripping out of my mouth, with yellow and black around the eyes, random bruises and gaping wounds. Pretty awesome if you ask me. 

    I think to make up for my extreme gore this year, I'll take a cue from my good friend and go as something embarrasingly amazing next year. I'll find something. Trust me.
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