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What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?

Answers (257)

  • I would feel nervous. Especially when the person who said it is very serious.

    But, if the person looks problematic, then I would feel nervous for for him/her

    So either way, I'm a nervous person.

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  • 10 лет: "папа, Васька сам залез в эту краску..."
    15 лет: "мам, давай не будем, а?..."
    20 лет: "я бы не сказала, что это будет весело...но пасаран..."
    25 лет: "ненене, у нас все равно с тобой ничего не получится..."
    мои 27: структурно-адекватное "ну говори."
  • Heart racing, fidgeting, full on fear. I start getting ready to go to my Out of Body mindshock zone. The certainty that it's not going to be good and I'm going to get in trouble.

    It never warrants that, of course, but I can't help it.

  • take a deep breath and brace myself.
  • fuuck.
  • Здорово. Давай разговор сюда! Что к нему прилагается? Ты?! Замечательно!!!!!!!!!!! Поговорим...
  • my face becomes serious
    I'll cry "Is everything ok?"
    or "Right now?"
    or if I already know the topic being consulted on, Ill crumble
    However, all depends on topic and range of emotions from the other individual
    their (happy, sad, anger, devasted etc...) face can prompt me on different responses
    but mostly I react concerned
    I always fear the worse
  • Внутри все опускается,а сама с невозмутимым видом......"Есть - говори"
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