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Fashion: My Best Outfit

Tell us about your favorite outfit. How do you feel when you wear it?

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  • The first thing that comes to mind is my "magic" pantsuit. It's dressy and cream colored and feminine without being too frilly. What makes it "magic" is that it always makes me look ten to twenty pounds skinnier!! This definitely makes me feel very happy and self confident.

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    I’ll tell you my favorite outfit.

    It’s spelled M-O-D-E-S-T-Y

    The body of Christ needs  to get back to the spirit of modesty.

    Somewhere along the way we merged with Hollywood’s big red carpet fashion events, modified it just a bit, and came up with the idea that, “More skin is good - just as long as it’s not too much skin.”

    We’ve been walking the line for a while now.

    Let’s back up.

    Let’s be beautiful without compromise.

    Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion. Proverbs 11:22

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  • I

     don't really have a favorite outfit I guess. It really depends on what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. I like to feel comfortable but sometimes you need to look nice, too. Generally, I love sweaters, stripped ones mostly. My favorite pants to wear are corduroy! I like to wear colors. I don't really like black, even though it is supposed to be thinning. I like to wear blue because it makes my eyes turn blue! :) I like to wear brown because I just like the color! I like to wear green because for some reason people say I look good in it. I don't really think so, but who knows! I like red because it stands out. I don't like to wear yellow. As I once told my mom "Yellow is for black people...and Nelson!" but some other people look good in yellow, too! I do not however!
  • Favorite outfit without a doubt (at least right now) would be my black batwings/heart shirt, paired with my trademark black vest, and my black knee length skirt with tulle, and it depends with my shoes... if I'm going for the more delicate look, then I would wear my pointed small heeled flats, if I'm going more relaxed/just me look, then my brown Converse... or my black Misfits

  •  Hmmm... My fave outfit.

    I grow out of clothes FAST. I don't really have a favorite outfit. Why? None of them fit mae properly. I do have a favorite pair of jeans and they make me feel warm and fuzzy because they make me warm and fuzzy. They are GLO (r) jeans in a stone-wash flare cut and they have a stain on the left knee (I fell in the grass at school).
  • My favorite outfit consists of my new 60s shirt and slip-on cameo-pattern shoes from from Wal-mart. I also love my jeans.
  • Really I have one favorite outfit and that would be my 'monday' wear, which includes my Hoofbeat polo, a white tank top under, with brown slippers and a white with poka-dots headband:) Yes, its cute but soooo comforable! and thats my little post of the day, its late so I really dont feel like writing anything long and boring you to death! :/ So I'll write more tomorrow, after Saterdays events which should be a blast.....Cliff hanger on that last line, I know you'll just have to wait and read about it later:) 

    ~Goodnight Readers
  • I like my black "Hollywood" shirt over my black and hot pink striped long-sleeved shirt.... It makes me feel....punky?
    and my sister likes when I wear my reddish "Mustang" shirt... she says it looks like Chuck... Im not sure if thats a good thing...

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