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The holiday season is a big time for box office revenues. What Hollywood releases are you looking forward to seeing in the theater this month? What would you not go see even if someone paid you?

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  • I think it’d be fun to see the newest “Power Rangers” movie. This is one of the movies that I grew up with, though I didn’t get into watching the popular series until 2001 or so—later than my brother did. Ultimately, I think it’d be cool to watch it again after it comes out. That’s supposed to happen sometime in March. Even if someone paid me, I wouldn’t see anything scary. Horror movies aren’t my thing. Unfortunately, I had to watch enough of then when I was in my first marriage. Those were the types of movies that my ex husband thoroughly enjoyed watching at night. Unfortunately, I felt like I was forced into watching them with him.
  • Everything except for the Wrestler
  • yes it is a big thing
  • i aggree it is a big thing
  • Fuck it I don't care.
  • High. School. Musical. 3. NEVER. EVER.
    Everytime I see that grinning fool Zac Efron I die a little more inside.

  • Twilight end of story. Vampires are creatures of the night whom prey on humans and are burned by the sun or, holy objects.. they do not SPARKLE like frickin' Elton John!!! And again... They don't go out in the sun!!
  • Twilight, The Duchess, Madagascar 2, Ice Age 3, Ink Heart, Se eu fosse você 2,  Seven Pounds, O dia em que a terra parou, etc..
  • There are a lot of movies I’m hoping to go see soon: Milk Valkyrie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Frost/Nixon The Day the Earth Stood Still Doubt The Reader Revolutionary Road I hope I can get to all of them.
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